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Page updated: 12th May 2021  
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[The High Republic]
  Our Guide to the comics of Star Wars: The High Republic.


Two hundred years before the events of The Phantom Menace, in the era of the glorious High Republic, the noble and wise Jedi Knights must face a frightening threat to themselves, the galaxy, and the Force itself...


Current Star Wars comic publishers, Marvel and IDW Publishing, will be publishing The High Republic comic tales. Other publishers including Disney-Lucasfilm Press and Viz Media will also contribute comic tales.

Published 2021 - present day.
Issue 1
There Is No Fear
(Part 1)
Issue 2
There Is No Fear
(Part 2)
Issue 3
There Is No Fear
(Part 3)
  Issue 4
There Is No Fear

(Part 4)
  Issue 5
There Is No Fear

(Part 5)
  Issue 6
(January 2021)   (February 2021)   (March 2021)   (April 2021)   (May 2021)    

IDW Publishing
Published 2021 - present day.
Issue 1
Collision Course
Issue 2 Issue 3   Issue 4   Issue 5   Issue 6
(February 2021)   (March 2021)   (April 2021)   (May 2021)        



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