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Page updated: 3rd July 2011  


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[These stories occur during the Rise of the Empire era]
Events that occur between 22 years and 19 years before the Battle of Yavin.

[ Secret Missions #3: Duel at Shattered Rock ]

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Duel at Shattered Rock
Ryder Windham
Grosset & Dunlap [US]; Sunbird [UK]
Story published as:
Youth Novel (2011)

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1 review [Average review score: 3 / 5]

An unexpected encounter with the bounty hunter Aurra Sing leaves the young Jedi Nuru Kungurama with a possible clue to find his missing Jedi Master, Ring-Sol Ambase. But before Nuru can investigate, Overseer Umbrag of the Techno Union seizes a Republic freighter and flees across space, leading the clone troopers of the Breakout Squad to a deadly confrontation on the sand planet, Tatooine.

This story occurs approximately 22 years before the Battle of Yavin.

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Review by Bones, UK, 2011
"The Secret Missions series continues with its third instalment. This one, plot-wise, is not as engaging as the previous two books, but nevertheless has its moments. Nuru and Breakout Squad are sent to rendezvous with a diplomat, which is sabotaged, and his master, General Ambase, attempts to escape from Dooku’s clutches. The book seems to be doing a lot of setting up from something imminently to occur in the series, which does mean that it lacks some small amount of purpose in its own right, but Ryder Windham does manage to keep that feeling of old-fashioned boyish adventure which seems to be carrying the series at the moment, along with what is clearly a well-planned and mildly convoluted plot.
"This book continues the series’ ritual of including a few film quotes, which will entertain die hard geeks, and the characters, whilst still relatively flat, are nevertheless entertaining and engaging, not least of which being the main Chiss character, who is developing well. The plot does become a little confused towards the end, with a few unexpected things happening, some of which are a little surprising (Cad Bane’s accomplice is revealed), some of which are obvious (the identity of the mole in the squad could be seen a mile away) and some of which feel a bit rushed (the scene in which Nuru becomes rather enraged).
"As for the titular duel, it was a little bit of a let-down. A random Mandalorian bounty hunter appears and a duel happens. It doesn’t quite have the necessary impact due to the feeling that the whole book is essentially filling time.
"Despite its faults, this series is very worth reading."
Rating: 3 / 5

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