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Page updated: 3rd October 2017  
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[A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...]
Events that occur before Episode IV: A New Hope.

[ Ahsoka ]

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Audio Book
Read by Ashley Eckstein.
Published as unabridged
digital download.

Emily Kate Johnston
Disney-Lucasfilm Press

Story published as:
Hardback Book [US] (2016)
e-Book [US] (2016)
Audio Book (2016)
Paperback Book (2017)

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1 review [Review score: 5 / 5]

Following her experiences with the Jedi and the devastation of Order 66, Ahsoka Tano is unsure she can be part of a larger whole ever again. But her desire to fight the evils of the Empire and protect those who need it will lead her right to Bail Organa, and the Rebel Alliance...

This story begins approximately 18 years before Episode IV: A New Hope.

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Review by Darth Kondorr, Poland, 2016:

Ahsoka was initially a rather controversial character and the critics of The Clone Wars theatrical release more often than not had issues with her. It was not only the critics, but also the fans, who suddenly had to deal with two new people in Star Wars: Ahsoka and Dave Filoni.
Who knew (besides Filoni and his crew) that the plans laid out for Ahsoka were this far reaching. I mean, you do not introduce the Padawan to Anakin, to not have her get a go at Darth Vader. Who knew it would take 8 years for that to happen. Now that is some restrained story telling. Yet something happened that the Padawan to George Lucas himself could not foresee. Lucasfilm was bought by Disney, which cut The Clone Wars short, creating an epic and mysterious gap between it and its follow-up called Rebels.
But like Palpatine himself, Filoni is a true far reaching schemer, and it was only a matter of time for that void to be filled with other media (and maybe feature length animations in the future). And so we arrive at the gap, the void, which Johnston fills with a young adult novel. A young adult novel set in the most drastic and sad moments in Star Wars history. The moment when the galaxy was torn out of its peaceful lethargy into the Clone Wars and then into dark times. Johnston pulls no punches here. There are some truly dark moments but she manages to balance the darkness with Ahsoka's quirkiness and vitality.
The story itself could have been just another episode to another animated TV show, but we still get bits and pieces of what happened during the final days of the Republic and insight into the early days of the Rebellion. All stuff that was planned to be somehow televised at some point. Set just a year after “Revenge” the progress Bail already made in organizing himself was a bit uncanny. Especially considering the progress of other cells in books set much later in the timeline.
The book is a quick and very pleasant read. It does not reveal any big secrets, although there are some things that will be interesting to see in future media. Especially that one planet that was kinda important to the Jedi. In the end this book is about Ahsoka, it deals with her finding her place in the new galaxy and reshaping her role in it.
This is not an entry level book. This is for the fans of Ahsoka. If you are curious, maybe start with the TV shows and then come back here, but for folks like me this is a 5 in 5.

Rating: 5 / 5

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