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Page updated: 24th September 2016  

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[A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...]
Events that occur before Episode IV: A New Hope.

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Read by Marc Thompson.
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[Dark Disciple - audiobook]

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Dark Disciple
Christie Golden
Del Rey

Story published as:
Hardback Book (2015)
e-Book (2015)
Audio Book (2015)
Paperback Book (2016)

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1 review [Review score: 5 / 5]

The only way to bring down the dark side’s most dangerous warrior may be for Jedi and Sith to join forces.
In the war for control of the galaxy between the armies of the dark side and the Republic, former Jedi Master turned ruthless Sith Lord Count Dooku has grown ever more brutal in his tactics. Despite the powers of the Jedi and the military prowess of their clone army, the sheer number of fatalities is taking a terrible toll. And when Dooku orders the massacre of a flotilla of helpless refugees, the Jedi Council feels it has no choice but to take drastic action: targeting the man responsible for so many war atrocities, Count Dooku himself.
But the ever-elusive Dooku is dangerous prey for even the most skilled hunter. So the Council makes the bold decision to bring both sides of the Force’s power to bear—pairing brash Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos with infamous one-time Sith acolyte Asajj Ventress. Though Jedi distrust for the cunning killer who once served at Dooku’s side still runs deep, Ventress’s hatred for her former master runs deeper. She’s more than willing to lend her copious talents as a bounty hunter—and assassin—to Vos’s quest.
Together, Ventress and Vos are the best hope for eliminating Dooku—as long as the emerging feelings between them don’t compromise their mission. But Ventress is determined to have her retribution and at last let go of her dark Sith past. Balancing the complicated emotions she feels for Vos with the fury of her warrior’s spirit, she resolves to claim victory on all fronts—a vow that will be mercilessly tested by her deadly enemy... and her own doubt.

Paperback novel contains short story Kindred Spirits.

This story occurs approximately 20 years before Episode IV: A New Hope (during the last year of The Clone Wars).

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Review by Darth Kondorr, Poland, 2016:

So, this is the first book in the new canon from an in-universe perspective, and although there will be Kanan: First Blood as the next piece, I would call this book the ending to Filoni’s The Clone Wars proper. And what an ending this is! I really had a hard time putting this book down.
The story is rather simply surmised:
The Jedi Council - in its desperation to end the prolonging Clone Wars - send one of their own directly between the wolfs to commit a task, that would stand against all that being a Jedi means.
What could be just some soulless tie-in novel set by the end of The Clone Wars, surprised me to be a true sequel to Filoni’s TV Show, offering adventures, emotions, contemplations on the nature of the force and a proper finale that - although sad - in my opinion should have been just a bit sadder, a bit darker. But still, this novel takes us on a very dark path, and it is regrettable we could not get this in animated form. While the years past, the show not only got more sophisticated and bold, telling of terrorist plots, murders, political and fiscal plots, but it also grew progressively much darker.
As an adaptation of an arc, spanning 8 episodes, this really reads and feels like the show, but because of the fact, that it would have been these 8 episodes one can mostly recognize, where one would end and another would begin, but that is a minor gripe.
I do not know if the dialogue in this book was taken word for word from the scripts or if Miss Golden has rewritten it, but she has an amazing grip on these characters and they all sound true to their animated counterparts.
There is one major gripe I have. As I mentioned earlier, I think the book could have ended on an even darker note. Without trying to spoil anything, Obi-Wan is rather fast to accept Anakins fall as an irreversible Absolut in “Revenge of the Sith”. The same goes for Yoda, when Luke suggests saving Anakin from being Vader. So I would think, that this books events should unfold in such a way, that no hope for redemption would seem possible. Maybe they deemed the cost of such an attempt in Anakins case potentially to high.

Rating: 5 / 5

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