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Page updated: 26th October 2008
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[The Clone Wars: The Visual Guide]

Hardback Book
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Hardback Book: Limited
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The Clone Wars: The Visual Guide
Jason Fry
Dorling Kindersley
Published as:
Hardback Book (2008)
Hardback Book - Limited Collectors' Edition (2008)

Book Description:
This is the complete guide to The Clone Wars characters, locations, wars and vehicles from the Star Wars universe. Get up close and personal with The Clone Wars universe as revealed in the 2008 cinema release and TV series plus learn more about this crucial time in the history of the galaxy. Pick up cool facts on the Republic and Jedi order, behind-the-scenes information on your favourite characters including Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker and discover more about The Clone Wars locations, wars and vehicles.

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[ Book excerpt ]

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Book Reviews:
Review by Ewan, Star Wars Books & Comics, 2008:

"Dorling Kindersley's reputation for producing high quality material is maintained with The Clone Wars: The Visual Guide. Every page of this 144 page hardback book features outstanding images taken from The Clone Wars movie and forthcoming TV series (it therefore contains minor spoilers for material not yet released).
"Each and every entry of this guide is given a full-colour two-page spread (approximately 22" x 11") and in most cases utilising borderless printing, interspersed with smaller box-outs for details and additional information, giving the reader a full panoramic delight of both stills and artwork taken from the film/TV series.
"Although this book (and the film and TV series) may be aimed at the younger audience, its author, Star Wars Roleplaying Game and Star Wars Insider contributor Jason Fry, has carefully worded the descriptions pragmatically and so makes this book accessible to readers of any age.
"As a visual accompaniment to both the film and TV series, The Clone Wars: The Visual Guide compliments both and should be on the bookshelf of every Star Wars fan."

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