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Page updated: 8th December 2015    
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[Star Wars Rebels]
Based on events that occur approximately 5 years before Episode IV: A New Hope.

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Comic Magazine
Story first published March 2015 in
Germany as Der falsche Jedi in
Star Wars Magazin #3 by Panini Comics:

Comic Magazine
Story published March 2015 in United
Kingdom as The Fake Jedi in
Star Wars Rebels Magazine #3 by Egmont:

Comic Magazine
Story published December 2015 in United
States as The Fake Jedi in Star Wars Rebels
#2 by Titan Magazines:

The Fake Jedi
Martin Fisher, Bob Molesworth
Panini Comics
Story published as:
Comic Magazine (2015)

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Returning from a solo mission in the Phantom, Kanan Jarrus is attacked by Imperial forces led by the Inquisitor. Forced to take refuge on Vyndal, a planet unknown to Kanan, he finds himself and the damaged Phantom under the care of a local tribe. The Jedi is taken to meet the tribal leader known as Yeleb the Protector: an outsider who carries a lightsaber.
As he explains his predicament to Yeleb, Kanan is surprised to find that Yeleb claims to be a Jedi and demands to know Kanan's purpose on Vyndal. However Kanan immediately realises that Yeleb is not a Jedi, he's not even Force sensitive and demands a private audience with this "fake" Jedi. But Yeleb denies Kanan's request and instead attempts to intimidate Kanan with his "Jedi" powers and his "prowess" with a lightsaber.
With little effort and without revealing his own pedigree, Kanan avoids all of Yeleb's maneuvres and attacks. Once Yeleb is exhausted from his attempts to hurt Kanan he finally reveals where he found his lightsaber: Yeleb took it from a dead Jedi pilot he found while searching beyond the village's boundaries. Upon returning to the village and showing the Jedi's weapon to the Village Chief Yeleb was appointed the Village Protector.
Yeleb and Kanan's discourse is abruptly interrupted by the arrival of the Inquisitor and a platoon of stormtroopers. Realising the danger the villagers are in Kanan urges Yeleb to allow him to leave, but Yeleb has finally understood that it is his responsibility to be the village's Protector: both in name and action.
Yeleb meets with the Inquisitor and, protecting Kanan, insists that the Inquisitor leaves both his village and Vyndal. The Inquisitor is not so easily intimidated but before he can attack Yeleb Kanan steps in to duel the Inquisitor. When it appears that the Inquisitor has the upper hand in the duel Yeleb jumps in to attack the Imperial but doesn't last long and the Inquisitor is quick to mortally wound the fake Jedi. Knowing that the longer he remains on Vyndal the more damage the Imperials will inflict on the locals, Kanan steals one of the Imperial shuttles and pilots it into space. The Inquisitor and the stormtroopers give immediate chase.
Back at the village Yeleb is dying and the locals are surprised to see Kanan enter. The Jedi explains that he could not leave and after setting the shuttle's autopilot he had jumped from ship's forward window as it was taking off, leading the Imperials way from the village and Vyndal. With his dying words Yeleb asks for forgiveness from Kanan but the Jedi comforts Yeleb by reminding him that his actions were noble and worthy of a Jedi.
Before he departs in the Phantom, the locals ask Kanan to become their new Protector but Kanan declines pointing out that it was the villagers who drove back the stormtroopers and that they don't need a Protector. He promises to return to Vyndal once the whole galaxy is free from Imperial tyranny.

This story occurs between Season 1 episodes #4 Breaking Ranks and #5 Out of Darkness, approximately 5 years before the Battle of Yavin.

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