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Page updated: 9th April 2017  
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[The Rebellion]
Events that occur from 2 years before to 5 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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Paperback Novel
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Audio Book
Read by Anthony Heald
Published as abridged
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[ Shadows of the Empire - graphic novel ]

Graphic Novel
Published as Shadows of the Empire.
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[Omnibus - Shadows of the Empire]

Omnibus: Shadows of the Empire

Comic Book series
Adapted by John Wagner et al. published May thru October 1996 as Shadows of the Empire #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
by Dark Horse Comics:

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Issue #1Issue #2

[issue 3][issue 4]

Issue #3Issue #4

[issue 5][issue 6]

Issue #5Issue #6

e-Comic Book
Published 2012 by Dark Horse Digital.

Shadows of the Empire
Steve Perry (Novel);
John Wagner (Comic Book adaptation);
Christopher Golden (Junior Novelisation)
Bantam Spectra; Dark Horse Comics [US]; Titan Books [UK]
Story published as:
Hardback Novel (1996)
Audio Book (1996)
Comic Book Series (1996)
Junior Novelisation (1996)
Paperback Novel (1997)
Graphic Novel (1997, 2010)
e-Book (2011)
e-Comic Book (2012)

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2 reviews [Average review score: 3.5 / 5]

It is a time of crisis, Han Solo, frozen in carbonite, is being taken to the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt. As Princess Leia mounts a rescue mission and Darth Vader scours the galaxy for Luke Skywalker, another sinister figure emerges. His name is Xizor. Cunning and ruthless, leader of the powerful Black Sun criminal organisation, he will pit himself against Vader for the favour of their mutual master... the dreaded Emperor.
Luke, Leia, Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian face betrayal and death at every turn and must use every weapon and resource at their disposal to confront the combined forces of Black Sun and the Empire. And, of course, Vader still lives - and faces a battle of his own - against a villain every bit as evil and powerful as the Dark Lord of the Sith himself.

This story occurs  approximately 3 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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Reviews by Darth Kondorr, Poland, 2017:

The novel:
The last time I read this was soon after its German release date 21 years ago. I loved it even more than the Thrawn trilogy, not because it was better, but because it was more of the Star Wars I knew from the movies.
Now, all this time later, having read through all of the new canon in chronological order I arrived at Moving Target, and decided that there was enough room to fit in this old classic. There never was much to read between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi so the occasion for an old EU book was perfect. Especially as this book got all the fanfare a movie would have gotten, but minus the movie itself. They even went as far as giving this multimedia event its own soundtrack.
Many criticize this book for its weak writing, but I would not say it is overwhelmingly so. Yes, there are quite a lot of cringe worthy sentences or motivations not deeply enough explored, or the general cheesiness of the green villain (who none the less worked surprisingly well) and his very awkward erotic encounter with our Princess. But this book is full of everything that is Star Wars that one can easily forgive the relative minor missteps. Thrawn was a great vilian, put he could never hold the candle to Vader in tandem with Palpatine, we also got the Empire at its full might, we could also learn more of Luke’s quest of becoming a Jedi, his conflicting feelings towards both: Vader and Leia, we got lots of old school adventure that never got to strange or “un-star-wars’y”. In fact I believe, that if someone would rewrite it, make it a bit better, this could be the cinematically perfect “inter-quel”, it would just need some work, to get the cheese out of it. I think Filoni could easily drag this out as a sequel show to Rebels, for example.
What else is worth noting, that this book works wonderfully partnered with Moving Target. Even though the book does contradict the new canon (especially with the homecooked saber crystals), there is nothing that really hurts. So unless they release new material this book is pretty “new-canon-save”, full of Star Wars that we know and love, but also full with new and exciting elements. I just think for a Star Wars book, this one had too much erotic subtext… not that I mind erotic subtext, but I felt the green alien lizard courting Leia was a bit much.
Although at times a guilty pleasure, this book is a great read if you do not mind that this is not Shakespeare.

Rating: 5 / 5

The comic:
As much as I liked the book, the comic is a sore disappointment. It's got only about 150 pages, which is by far not enough to really adapt such an eventful story, so it was no surprise that this attempt totally derailed. Starting with inconsistencies with the book, cutting important scenes, doing either not enough exposition or way to much of it.. this all made it a boring and unengaging read. But as if this was not bad enough they actually tried to add story from the point of view of Boba Fett. This would be all great and nice if they only followed Boba and made that part a full and engaging story, but they mixed portions of the book with new elements and tried to squeeze it on merely 150 pages. Maybe if the art was better, but even in this department the level was way too low.
If this was a Boba Fett book, without the attempt at adapting the book, this might be an alright read, but as is it only gets the two stars for filling in SOME irrelevant blanks left in the book.
And if you need to really get the full story you need to play the game, which adds the point of view of Dash Rendar (only here will you witness his final fate). The Soundtrack is great though!

Rating: 2 / 5

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