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Page updated: 1st June 2012  
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[This story occurs during The Rebellion era]
Events that occur just after the Battle of Yavin.

[Rebel Force: Trapped]

Paperback Youth Novel
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Alex Wheeler
Scholastic Books
Story published as:
Paperback Youth Novel (2010)
e-Book (2012)

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1 review [Average review score: 1.5 / 5]

When valuable prisoner Lune Divinian disappears from his cell on Yavin 4, Luke is determined to find him. As the only link to X-7, the assassin sent to kill Luke, Div is the only hope to staying a step ahead of the Empire.
Across the galaxy, X-7 has escaped from Imperial custody. Caught between the past and the present, X-7 must fight the only battle for which he's not prepared: the battle with his identity. But his desperate confusion makes him more dangerous than ever.
A chance encounter and a figure from the past bring X-7, Luke, and Div together for a final showdown that will reveal everything, or destroy them all! 

This story occurs approximately just after the Battle of Yavin.

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Review by Bones, UK, 2011:

"The penultimate volume of the Rebel Force series seems to lack any of the original spark. The character of X-7 has degraded into an emotionally inconsistent wreck, hunting for a past that doesn't exist. The plot meanders around until we reach the ending, which I found unsatisfying and overly protracted. I had originally found X-7 to be a rather intriguing character, but I reached a point in this book where I just didn't really care anymore. This won't have been helped by my dislike of Lune Divinian either, who spends much of his time convincing X-7 that he is Div's long lost (but actually dead) brother. There just wasn't an emotional link with this book for me.
"The ending, though was the worst part. Unnecessarily drawn out death scenes (to avoid spoilers, I shan't mention who has been killed) detract heavily from a story. Some may find them moving and poignant, but I just find them unrealistic, particularly when you consider the nature of the death (read it and find out).
"The series has slipped a lot. Hopefully it can raise itself up to a decent enough finale."

Rating: 1.5 / 5

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