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Page updated: 1st June 2012  
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[This story occurs during The Rebellion era]
Events that occur just after the Battle of Yavin.

[ Rebel Force #4: Firefight ]

Paperback Youth Novel
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Alex Wheeler
Scholastic Books
Story published as:
Paperback Youth Novel (2009)
e-Book (2012)

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1 review [Average review score: 2 / 5]

Deadly assassin X-7 has never failed to complete a mission--until now.
Unmasked and unarmed, he narrowly escapes from the Rebels with his life and little else. His cover may be blown, but he's not returning to Commander Rezi Soresh until his target has been eliminated. This time, he has a new plan. He'll gather six of the best pilots in the galaxy-all of them roguish mercenaries who care nothing about money-and turn them loose on Red Squadron.
He counts on his pilot's mercenary instincts to keep them in line. But one of them has a secret that could cost X-7 his victory.

This story occurs approximately just after the Battle of Yavin.

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Review by Bones, UK, 2011:

"After the promising start to the Rebel Force series, it is a shame that it was unable to retain its momentum, instead sacrificing storytelling for unnecessary links to other areas of the franchise. This particular book just seems to be one massive excuse to put the heroes of the original trilogy on Kamino and let them meet a token Kaminoan and deal with a random genetically modified nuisance. Whilst witnessing Han Solo riding an aiwha is amusing to say the least, the whole scenario just seems forced and unnatural.
"The character of Lune Divinian (I found the nickname Div extremely amusing, given its derogatory meaning in British English, coupled with my own personal feelings regarding the character) is pushed by the author too much. It's one of those situations whereby the author intentionally and obviously promotes a particular character and I always find that this immediately puts me off them. I found Div irritating and arrogant.
"The plot was unconvincing too. Luke Skywalker gets eaten by a giant sea monster - but that giant sea monster just happens to have been genetically engineered so that it can carry prisoners in its stomach without harming them. Whilst I would never want anything so unseemly to happen to Luke, the incredibly specific genetic engineering is just so overly convenient.
"The series is slipping in quality as it attempts to force links between the Star Wars universe of the original trilogy and the additional information provided by the prequel trilogy."

Rating: 2 / 5

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