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[The Rebellion]
Events that occur from 2 years before to 5 years after the Battle of Yavin.

[Empire: Volume 4: The Heart of the Rebellion]

Graphic Novel
Published as Empire -
Volume 4: The Heart of the Rebellion
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[things from another world]


These stories are included in:

[Omnibus - At War with the Empire - Vol.1]

Omnibus: At War with the Empire - Vol.1
(Princess... Warrior / A Little Piece
of Home / Alone Together


[Omnibus - At War with the Empire - Vol.2]

Omnibus: At War with the Empire - Vol.2
(Breaking The Ice)


[Epic Collection: The Rebellion: Volume 2]
Epic Collection: The Rebellion: Volume 2
(A Little Piece of Home / Alone Together)

Comic Book series
Published February 2003 & February thru July 2004 as Star Wars: A Valentine Story & Empire #5, 6, 20, 21 & 22
by Dark Horse Comics:

[A Valentine Story][issue 5]

A valentine StoryIssue #5

[issue 6][issue 20]

Issue #6Issue #20

[issue 21][issue 22]

Issue #21Issue #22

e-Comic Books
Published 2011-2012
by Dark Horse Digital.

The Heart of the Rebellion
Welles Hartley, Ron Marz, Randy Stradley, Judd Winick, Paul Chadwick et al.
Dark Horse Comics [US]; Titan Books [UK]
Stories published as:
Comic Book Series (2003-2004)
Graphic Novel (2005)
Omnibus Graphic Novels (2011)
e-Comic Books (2011-2012)
Epic Collection Graphic Novel (2017)
Alternative language(s):[Also published in German language]

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This book collects together the following comic stories:

  • Princess... Warrior
    In the weeks prior to the events in A New Hope, Princess Leia Organa undertakes a covert mission to deliver much needed supplies to the Rebel Alliance on the planet Ralltiir, only to have her mission thwarted when the forces of the Empire, including Darth Vader, take control of the planet. Leia escapes without the Imperials discovering the true reason for her visit, but she realizes that the time may be past for talk and "mercy missions." Turning her attention to another of the galaxy's trouble spots, Leia finds herself up to her neck in Imperial trouble and comes to terms with the need to take up arms against an evil enemy. Before she was a political firebrand, driven by an outraged sense of justice. Now she must fight to save a people targeted for extinction. 
    Princess Leia comes to the fateful conclusion that impassioned speeches and diplomatic missions may not be enough. Sometimes, in order to prevent the death of innocents, one must pick up a weapon and fight and kill, if necessary, those who would use force to exert their will over the helpless.
    Occurs weeks before the Battle of Yavin.

  • A Little Piece of Home
    Itís six months after the destruction of the Death Star, and every Rebel in the galaxy has a price on his or her head. Worse, the Rebel Alliance still has not been able to locate a new, secret location for a base. But Princess Leia has an idea: an acquaintance from Alderaan has a hunting preserve on a small, uninhabited moon. It might be the idealt spot, provided she can persuade her friend to allow it; and that the Imperials donít find out; and if the local wildlife doesnít prove to be too dangerous. The perfect spot for the Rebel base may just be the perfect spot for a princess to die! 
    Against Lukeís better judgment, Leia has sought the help of an old boyfriend from Alderaan in finding a new location for the Rebel base. Heís willing to provide the Alliance with the perfect spot, but only if Leia will give up the Rebellion and join him in preserving a piece of their homeworld.
    Ordinarily, Leiaís decision would be an easy one. But when a speeder crash strands her and her friend on a jungle moon, their need for each other in their struggle for survival leads to a conclusion that neither of them could have foreseen.
    Occurs approximately six months after the Battle of Yavin.

  • Alone Together
    The fear of Imperial discovery sends the ships of the Rebel fleet scrambling for the far corners of the galaxy. Han, Chewie, Leia, and a young soldier named Deena Shan, on board the Millennium Falcon, end up near a dark jungle moon from which they receive a distress call. Investigating, they discover the remains of a tragedy dating from the Clone Wars, and a still-living threat that could claim them all!
    Fighting alongside the Heroes of Yavin, Shan learns that the Rebellion, and even survival, mean so much more than she imagined when put in the context of friendship and sacrifice.
    Occurs approximately six months after the Battle of Yavin.

  • Breaking The Ice
    Set during the days leading up to The Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo and Princess Leia find themselves trapped together on a downed starship, lost in the frozen wastelands of Hoth as a storm rages around them. And while the snow flies outside the ship, the sparks fly inside. No matter how hard they fight it, there's more going on between them than just friendship!
    Occurs approximately three years after the Battle of Yavin.

These stories occur approximately weeks before, six months after and three years after the Battle of Yavin.

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