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Page updated: 3rd February 2011


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[The Rebellion]
Events that occur from 2 years before to 5 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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Death Troopers
Joe Schreiber
Del Rey [US]; Arrow Books [UK]
Story published as:
Hardback Novel [US only] (2009)
Paperback Novel [UK] (2009) / [US] (2010)
Audio Book (2009)
e-Book (2011)
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3 reviews [Average review score: 3.5 / 5]

Pressed into action by Emperor Palpatine, Imperial forces have stepped up efforts to hunt down and imprison Rebel sympathizers, shipping them off to newly formed detainment moons via huge prison barges. By necessity these barges are floating chambers of degradation and vice, notoriously unreliable spacecraft staffed by Imperial corrections officers whose cruelty rivals that of the inmates. The Imperial Prison Barge Purge is hauling its load of prisoners, criminals and murderers, human and non-human, across the galaxy, when it breaks down in deep space. Soon after, the ship's warden discovers a derelict Star Destroyer, seemingly abandoned, and sends a boarding party to scavenge parts to repair the Purge. Half of them don't come back. The ones that do are infected with a virus so deadly that within hours, it has wiped out ninety-nine percent of the barge's population. But for the handful of survivors - two brothers, the Purge's female chief medical officer, and a sadistic captain of the guards, along with a certain rogue smuggler and his Wookiee sidekick - the true horror is just begun. Because those inmates and guards who died of the virus don't stay dead...and when they come back, they're extremely hungry. Against their better judgment, the survivors take refuge aboard the massive creaking emptiness of the Destroyer, only to discover that its original population has not disappeared at all - and that they've been waiting for them.

This story occurs approximately 1 year before the Battle of Yavin.

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Review by Bones, UK, 2010:
"The concept of a Star Wars horror novel was, quite frankly, intriguing. The front cover accentuated any curiosity, although I remained sceptical as to whether or not it would actually be scary. After reading the blurb, my cynicism grew: this is a book about zombies, something that has been pretty much used, abused, cast aside, reinvented and generally trampled into the ground by Hollywood et al.
"It was too my great delight, then, that I did indeed find my pulse quickening through certain parts of the story. Not perhaps in the same way as, say, watching Alien for the first time, but definite physiological responses. It was quite gripping in place, considering the story was, on the whole, formulaic. After all, with a group of survivor's alone and cut off from civilisation, you can predict before reading that there will be a body count. It's all about which of them will survive and how the others will die. In this regard (no spoilers here) I was satisfied with much of this aspect of the story. I also particularly liked the introduction of unexpected characters.
"The book itself was relatively short, but I doubt anything else could have been done with the story to elongated it without compromising the atmosphere that was being created. But the main gripe I had was that it didn't really feel like a Star Wars book. I suspect that was why the unexpected characters turned up - to root the story in the EU. But most of the way through, perhaps, the first half of the book, it felt like any other sci-fi horror book: bleak, grey and industrial. Whilst it probably doesn't detract from the story itself, I did find it difficult to integrate this into the Star Wars universe.
"In spite of that, I enjoyed this book and look forward to Schreiber's next offering in the EU."
3.5 / 5

Review by Pedro, England, 2010:
"The concept of the virus was good but it seemed like a typical zombie story. I liked how it was different to zombie stories in that it was a virus created by the Empire and that they learned from things, they weren't typical mindless zombies wondering around. The fact that the Empire created the virus was interesting, it showed just how evil it was and how low it would stoop to achieve things.
"I didn't actually find it that scary, and I think that Joe tried to make it graphic to make is more scary. Sometimes, I think that making something graphic makes it less scary.
"I suppose adding in Han and Chewie helped the readers latch onto something familiar, but i think that the book didn't need them really.
"The book could have been made longer, by extending the end, I felt it was to abrupt, and by making more of the virus.
"So much hype surrounded it before it was released because it was the first horror Star Wars novel, but I think it could have been done a lot better, perhaps by a different author."
3 / 5

Review by Jay, USA, 2009:
"Book started out slightly slow but it builds up steam as it goes and adds a few surprises as you read it. I thought it stayed true to the Star Wars universe."
4 / 5

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