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Page updated: 27th March 2017  
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[This story occurs during The Old Republic era]
Events occurring between 5,000 and 67 years before the Battle of Yavin.

[The Old Republic: Threat of Peace]

Graphic Novel
Published as The Old Republic:
Volume 2 - Threat of Peace

Check availability & pricing at:


[things from another world]


Online Comic Strip
First published 2009-2010 online at www.swtor.com.
It is no longer avaialable online.

Comic Book series
Published July thru September 2010
as The Old Republic #1, 2, & 3
by Dark Horse Comics:

[issue 1 (Benjamin Carre cover)][issue 1 (Attik Studio cover)]

Issue #1
(Benjamin Carre cover)
Issue #1
(Attik Studio cover)

[issue 2][issue 3]

Issue #2Issue #3

Foil Cover Comic Book
Contains first 5 parts of Act I,
published by Dark Horse Comics,
presented at San Diego Comic-Con '09:

[Comic-Con Limited Edition Foil Cover Comic Book]

e-Comic Book Series
Issues #1 thru #3 published 2011
by Dark Horse Digital.

Threat of Peace
Rob Chestney, Alex Sanchez, Michael Atiyeh, Michael Heisler et al.
Dark Horse Comics
Stories published as:
Online Comic Strip (2009-2010)
Foil Cover Comic Book [Comic-Con Limited Edition] (2009)
Comic Book Series (2010)
Graphic Novel (2011)
e-Comic Book series (2011)
Alternative language(s):[Also published in German language]

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1 review [Review score: 0 / 5]


  • Act I: Treaty of Coruscant
    The Sith Empire has scored a series of solid military victories over the Republic, winning control of several critical star systems and seriously damaging the Republicís logistical supply lines. Overwhelmed but stoic, the Jedi and the Republic Military have succeeded in defending the core worlds and have slowed the Empireís steady advances. In a surprising turn of events, the Empire has now extended an offer of peace to the Galactic Senate. Wary but desperate, the Republic has agreed to engage in ceasefire talks. A large delegation of prominent Senate and the best and brightest of the Jedi are travelling to the planet Alderaan, where they expect to hunker down for lengthy negotiations on the terms of a treaty with a representative from the Sith Dark Council.
    War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire has gripped the galaxy for decades, but the sacking of Coruscant and a subsequent peace treaty are changing everything. As the Republic scrambles to re-establish order, the Sith Empire moves quickly to consolidate power within its new dominion. Behind closed doors, however, individual Sith Lords engage in a quiet but deadly power struggle, and discord breaks out among the Jedi as they wrestle with the moral implications of the new galactic balance. During these chaotic days, the stories of several critical characters interweave as they pursue their passions, stand up for their convictions, and ultimately lead the galaxy back to the brink of a catastrophic conflict.

  • Act 2: New Galactic Order
    The Sith Empireís deception left Coruscant in ruins and forced the Republic to agree to unfavorable terms in the Treaty of Coruscant. Despite their disappointment, Senate and Jedi leaders are under no delusions ó the treaty is critical for the Republicís survival. To ensure a prompt and orderly withdrawal from star systems ceded to the Empire, the Jedi Council has sent its best and brightest to the Outer Rim on board the diplomatic ship, Envoy. Unfortunately, the mission turned into a disaster when a battle inexplicably broke out between the Envoy and an Imperial transport ship en route to Korriban. In the aftermath of the battle, the Envoy has been destroyed, and young Jedi Satele Shan is marooned on an escape pod in an obscure star system...

  • Act 3: Uncertain Surrender
    Despite the efforts of the Jedi, a rash of recent violence threatens to overturn the Treaty of Coruscant. After the destruction of the Envoy diplomatic ship, the killing of Jedi Grand Master Zym, and the bombing of the Senate Tower, many Republic leaders are calling for a return to war with the Empire. At the same time, Republic military officials in the Outer Rim continue to ignore the treaty and resist withdrawal orders from the Senate. On Korriban, the prospects for peace are in similar jeopardy. The attempted assassination of Lord Baras and the bombing of an Imperial transport have made Sith Leaders suspicious of one anotherís true motives. Fortunately, there is still hope. Republic leaders have identified the infamous Bounty Hunter Braden as the chief suspect in the recent attacks, and the Senate has dispatched Jedi Master Orgus Din to track the Bounty Hunter down...

This story occurs approximately 3,653 years before the Battle of Yavin.

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Review by Darth Kondorr, Poland, 2017
The comics and books of The Old Republic era are a perfect vision of duality, which is often explored throughout the lore of the galaxy far, far away. But this is not a pro in this case. As much as I loved the first two books, Revan and Deceived, I hate the first two comics as much. While the first one was simply bad, this one is even worse, because there was a good story at the heart of this abysmal abomination of wasted time, but the horrific art and the highly incompetent writing doomed this to be one of the worst pieces of so-called art I have had ever the "pleasure" of reading.
To ilustrate how truly bad this thing is, imagine, that actually there is an apendix to this comic, which practically explaines and retells what happened in the chaotic and mostly incomprehensible panels of this book. To be honest, I would have major problems to understand what this is about, if not for the fact that I played through 3 stories of the MMO and read two of the highly enjoyable books.
Stay clear of this... if you get this for free I would actually have you consider burning your copy...
Rating: 0 / 5

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