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Page updated: 22nd August 2010
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[This story occurs during The New Republic era.]
Events that occur 5 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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Paperback Youth Novel
This book is out of print,
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Mission from Mount Yoda
Paul and Hollace Davids
Published as:
Paperback Youth Novel (1993)

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1 review [Average review score: 1 / 5]

A dying planet. A desperate mission. And a prophecy of doom for the Rebel Alliance.
The battle against the evil Empire rages on as heroic men, women, and aliens of the Rebel Alliance continue their struggle to end the era of darkness. But now a mysterious visitor comes to the Rebel fortress located atop Mount Yoda, bringing ominous news.
Kadann, Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side, plots to capture and destroy the carbonized body of Trioculus and take control of the Empire. Meanwhile, the Rebel Alliance races to save the archaeologists of the dying planet Duro, only to discover an incredible mystery in the underground tunnels...

This story occurs approximately 5 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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Review by Bones, UK, 2010:

"Mission from Mount Yoda actually raises the Jedi Prince series slightly when compared to the previous entries in the series. However, that is not necessarily because it does anything good, but simply because it does fewer things wrongly. The series thus far has been marred by excessive use of absurd characterisation, shaky plots and a heavy focus on ecological and environmental issues. Whilst this book does indeed contain all of those things, it does it a little less overtly than before. In this particular story, the ecological problem involves toxic waste on Duro, but whereas before these issues were made the focal point, this issue is mentioned (often) but not actually put at the forefront of the plot. The persistent use of embarrassing onomatopoeia, whether itís R2-D2, Chewbacca or just the noise of a canyon wall crumbling, is still there, but again, less noticeable.
"The main problem with this book is Ken. Having been rescued from the Lost City, he is now enrolling in Dagobah Tech (and yes, the authors really did call the school that Ė goodness only knows how they could think it sounded good) but ends up playing truant on his first day. He subsequently manages to make the whole thing not his fault, get his own way by arguing with Luke Skywalker, saving the life of the aforementioned Jedi, and generally being a complete know-all. He is rapidly becoming a thoroughly irritating character. All of the examples listed above make for cringe-worthy reading and just make you resent his presence in the prose. There is also a hint at his past, with the mention of a mysterious Jedi called Kendelina (anyone with more brain power than an amoeba can see where that is going, given the authorís penchant for ridiculous names).
"Still nowhere near satisfying, Mission from Mount Yoda does give a glimmer of hope by being merely mediocre as opposed to downright nonsensical."

Rating: 1 / 5

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