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Page updated: 12th October 2011  
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[The New Republic]
Events that occur between 5 and 25 years after the Battle of Yavin.

[Crimson Empire II: Council of Blood]

Graphic Novel
Published as
Crimson Empire II: Council of Blood.
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[things from another world]


This story is included in:

[The Crimson Empire Saga]

The Crimson Empire Saga

Comic Book series
Published November 1998 thru April 1999 as Crimson Empire II #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 by Dark Horse Comics:

[Crimson Empire II - issue 1][Crimson Empire II - issue 2]

Issue #1Issue #2

[Crimson Empire II - issue 3][Crimson Empire II - issue 4]

Issue #3Issue #4

[Crimson Empire II - issue 5][Crimson Empire II - issue 6]

Issue #5Issue #6

e-Comic Book Series
Issues #1 thru #6 published 2011
by Dark Horse Digital.

Council of Blood
Mike Richardson, Randy Stradley et al.
Dark Horse Comics
Published as:
Comic Book Series (1998-1999)
Graphic Novel (1999)
e-Comic Book Series (2011)
Alternative language(s):[Also published in French language][Also published in German language]

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Following the death of Carnor Jax in the first Crimson Empire series, the Empire suddenly finds itself devoid of a strong leader. The Interim Council is assembled to manage the affairs of the Empire until a new emperor can take the throne, yet something is amiss. Assassinations begin to whittle down the numbers of the council, causing panic and suspicion. Increased raids on otherwise "safe" Rebel trade routes arouse concern within the Republic. And just where, exactly, has Kir Kanos gone?
As the death toll rises, so do the stakes for the future of the Empire. Who is committing these assassinations of Interim Council members and who within the Empire has the most to gain? Why has Mirith Sinn abandoned the New Republic to fulfill a personal vendetta? And how does Kir Kanos fit into this jigsaw puzzle of intrigue?
While Grappa's pirates turn up the heat on the Rebel cargo routes, the Interim Council sinks to unprecedented depths under the leadership of Xandel Carivus. Mirith Sinn finds herself the victim of the greatest deception of all when an old "comrade" finds her amidst Grappa's thugs. Meanwhile, where has Kir Kanos gotten himself to?
The pieces of the mystery are slowly coming together as Kir Kanos races towards the Zanibar homeworld, Xo, in an attempt to save Mirith Sinn from a fate worse than death. But will he be in time? Will personal animosities between the two be too great? Meanwhile, Grappa the Hutt finds himself in an awkward situation, with the heat of the Black Sun starting to make him sweat.
It's revelation time, as the series begins to accelerate toward its thrilling conclusion. A hair-raising rescue attempt on the part of Kir Kanos goes afoul while the Interim Council finally collapses beneath its array of intrigues. And Grappa learns the meaning of "caught between a rock and a hard place."
As the Baron's forces lay waste to the Interim Council's guarded planet, Sinn and Kanos hurtle toward the heat of the battle in an attempt to thwart the escape of Feena D'Asta's clone. But will they arrive in time? And what happened to the treacherous Grappa the Hutt? Has he escaped unscathed from all the trouble that he raised?

Synopsis taken from Dark Horse, www.darkhorse.com.

This story occurs approximately 11 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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