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Page updated: 24th May 2012
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[The New Republic]
Events that occur between 5 and 25 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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The Courtship of Princess Leia
Dave Wolverton
Bantam Spectra
Published as:
Hardback Novel (1994)
Paperback Novel (1995)
Audio Book (1994, 2007)
e-Book (2011)

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2 reviews [Average review score: 4 / 5]

Darth Vader and the Emperor are dead, but the Empire lives on and the Alliance must continue the struggle with dwindling supplies of cash and resources. Princess Leia, seeking rich, powerful allies to bring into the Alliance and a new planet as a home for the influential refugees of Alderaan, considers a proposal that could tip the balance of power against the evil Empire.
The Hapes consortium, a cluster of sixty-three high-tech worlds, is ruled by the Queen Mother, who wants Leia to marry her son, the dashing and wealthy Prince Isolder. When Han Solo hears the news of Leia's impending nuptials, he reacts with shock. Han always dreamed of marrying Leia himself, but in spite of his heroic exploits he feels that she sees him as nothing more than a shiftless rogue and pirate, unworthy of her hand. Now he makes a desperate last gamble to win her back. Tricking Leia into accompanying him, Han flees with her to the beautiful and untamed planet Dathomir, where he hopes to win her heart.
Fearing the imperious queen's reaction to Han's rash move, Luke Skywalker forms an unlikely alliance with Prince Isolder to track down the runaways. But as he, Artoo and Isolder set off to Dathomir, Luke little suspects that it is the beginning of an adventure that will lead to the discovery of an awesome treasure, a group of Force-trained 'witches' and a showdown with an invincible foe.

This story occurs approximately 8 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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Review by Lukasz Herman, Poland, 2012:
"Quite entertaining novel, despite some boring fragments in the middle. Protagonists' personalities were well described, as well as the planet Dathomir; new characters, especially Isolder and Teleniel, were fantastic and made the reading even more pleasant. I can't wait to read another novels they appear in.
"The Courtship of Princess Leia is a good, absorbing Star Wars book. It may be a perfect let-up between the books full of lightsaber duels and evil Siths."
3.5 / 5

Review by Pedro, UK, 2010:
"A great read. Full of action all the way through. Han got Leia (As everyone knew he would in the end) but Isolder still found love and was happy in the end.
"Dave captured everyone's personality perfectly, and one I noticed that was especially good was Han's.
"The title lead me to being a bit dubious about the book (despite reading that the newer cover was produced to combat similar thoughts) before I read it, but once I began reading I easily slipped into the story and the doubts disappeared.
"The only criticism I have was that the actual wedding perhaps could have had a little more expansion, it seemed Dave had got to the end and suddenly realised that he needed to add it in, and did so in a hurry. It also would have been nice to see Luke's thought about the Rancors, given the last time he met a Rancor.
"Other than those minor problems the book was great, very interesting and engaging."
4.5 / 5

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