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[The New Republic]
Events that occur between 5 and 25 years after the Battle of Yavin.

The death of the Emperor had little effect on the
many loyal Imperial supporters found in the galaxy.
Many a local governor tried to pick up the pieces after Endor
and take the reins of the vast political machine.
This mopping up action took many years.

Timeframe: approximately 6 years after the Battle of Yavin
The New Republic launched its master strike to reclaim the Core Worlds, and especially the throne world of Coruscant. The planet fell to Republic hands with little difficulty, but at this point, the major conflicts concerning the New Republic were internal.
One of the most famous racial conflicts occurred constantly between the bickering Bothans and Mon Calamari. One such confrontation nearly sent the New Republic staggering in the footsteps of the Old.
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Timeframe: approximately 7-8 years after the Battle of Yavin
Approximately three years after the foundation of the "New Republic" Leia Organa, now minister of state for the Republic met with the female ruler of some of the richest worlds in the galaxy, the Hapes system. This ruler promised the New Republic her worlds if Organa would marry her son, Prince Isolder. In turn Leia would become the new ruler of Hapes. 
However, there were two flaws. The queen didn't want Leia ruling so she attempted to assasinate her son; and Han Solo had become firmly entrenched on spending his life with Leia. This fixation on Leia drove Solo to kidnap her and gamble to buy her a planet. Although she refused to go, Han had other plans. She awoke in the Millennium Falcon's hold en route to Dathomir, the planet Han won for her.
Upon arrival, the group noticed that Dathomir was at the heart of the Warlord Zsinj's territory, and was not worth what Solo gambled on it. The group landed and were discovered by a group of female force-trained witches who waged war with other Dark Side witches on Dathomir. The witches were descendants of Jedi who once inhabited Dathomir.
Not knowing the evil lurking in the queen's heart, Luke set off to find the pair by her orders and in order to avoid embarrassment for the New Republic. Prince Isolder, also determined on winning the hand of Leia, followed Luke. Isolder landed safely, but Luke's ship was destroyed by a circuit trap placed by the backstabbing queen in early entry into Dathomir's atmosphere. Luke floated to the ground atop cushion of the Force and discovered the witches with Isolder. 
After numerous battles with both Dark Side witches and the Empire, the group headed for Coruscant with Isolder conceding defeat to Solo, who married Organa the next day.
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Timeframe: approximately 9 years after the Battle of Yavin
The quick rise of Grand Admiral Thrawn, and his uncanny ability to rally Imperial ships to his command, proved just how fragile the New Republic was. An unknown leader from an earlier age, he appeared with what seemed only one motive: Destroy the remains of the Rebellion and New Republic.
Through the use of amazing strategy and unexpected strikes, the Grand Admiral gripped the New Republic at its throat, but once again, the death of the Empire came at the hands of an unsuspected primitive species. The noghri, originally inducted to the Empire by Darth Vader had led a life consisting only of servitude to the Empire, whom they believed were cleansing their planet. Through the efforts of both children of Vader/Anakin Skywalker, the New Republic showed the noghri the Empire had actually poisoned the planet and persuaded the race to the New Republic's side. Thrawn was violently murdered by highly trained assassins from this race who discovered his treachery.
The era of Thrawn's campaign was not only a time of external struggle, but of aforementioned internal struggle as well. A Bothan by the name of Borsk Fey'lya accused the Mon Calamari Admiral Ackbar of treason against the New Republic and Ackbar was jailed. 
Through the efforts of Luke, Leia, and Ackbar's other friends, his name was cleared and Fey'lya was incriminated. The Bothan, contrary to popular belief, was not evil at heart, but a normal member of his race. The bothan race is well known for their hunger of power and positions of authority, Fey'lya merely capitalized on this instinct.
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Timeframe: approximately 10 years after the Battle of Yavin
Following the time span during which Thrawn practically flattened the New Republic, the Emperor Palpatine rose again. 
After each death, the malevolent leader of the Empire transferred his soul to a new waiting clone, contained in the clone vats on Byss, a core world. Sensing his return, Skywalker decided to face the evil incarnate. Sucked up by a force storm on Coruscant, Luke was transferred to the dark planet of Byss and decided, like the Jedi Ulic-Qel Droma before him, to eat at the Dark Side from the inside. He apprenticed himself to Palpatine in order to learn the secrets of the Dark Side, hoping one would topple the evil side of the force. He was drawn in too far, just as his Master, Yoda, had forewarned. Luke became more and more demented, using the Dark Side to help the New Republic destroy hideous World Devastators that attack the planet of Calamari, but using the Dark Side nonetheless. 
His sister, Leia, realized what has happened and set off with Han Solo to find him. Through a series of run-ins with an undigested Boba Fett and many vengeful Hutts the two arranged transport to Byss and help Luke turn to the light. Leia met Palpatine and the two exchanged curses, when the Emperor claimed he will take control of her third child, later to be named Anakin Solo. Leia stole the withered daemon's Jedi Holocron, a small clear cube which projects holographic data on the early Jedi, and united with Luke in the Force. The power of the link between twin brother and sister overpower the Dark Side's hold on Luke and the two escape to freedom, leaving Palpatine to be destroyed by his self-created force storm.
While thinking Palpatine dead, he sprang up again like the phoenix of traditional Ithorian legend. He began work on creating an army of Dark Side warriors who were ultimately defeated by Luke Skywalker. Skywalker was making progress in discovering Jedi artifacts and students with the discovery of Kam Solusar, and the duo's discovery of the Ysanna tribe, a clan of long-descended Jedi on the planet of Ossus. He receives two new students from the tribe, Jem, a young Jedi woman, and Rayf, an adolescent Jedi boy. 
Han and Leia concerned themselves with other matters during this time, especially dodging bounty hunters. They returned to Nar Shadda to retrieve Jedi Vima Da Boda and carried her off, dodging Boba Fett, and demolishing a Star Destroyer by crashing it into the smuggler's moon.
They fled from Boba Fett into a gas cloud, the Solo's ship damaged considerably. There they met King Empatojayos Brand, ruler of the isolated Ganathan civilization. Empatojayos was a Jedi, who now was encased in a suit of prosthetics, thanks to Darth Vader. 
Then, the war droids sabotaged by the New Republic and sent to the Empire and containing Lando Calrissian and a New Republic strike force arrived on Byss, to face Palpatine's new super-weapon, the Galaxy Gun, and the virtually impenetrable citadel that was the reason Byss was chosen as target. The new super-weapon was employed to strike the new base and there the New Republic core nearly met doom. The strike on the citadel failed and their new base demolished, the new government headed forthe fringe regions, only to be hunted by more Dark Siders of the Emperor.
The Dark Siders were destroyed however thanks to the cunning of the five Jedi stationed there and the New Republic re-grouped once more to regain Coruscant.
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Timeframe: approximately 11 years after the Battle of Yavin
After the temptations of Luke by the dark side of the force, he was urged to begin an academy to train force adepts throughout the galaxy. 
After searching out many different trainees, Yavin IV was selected as the site to begin the Academy and the school was stationed there. 
Meanwhile, Han Solo was on course for Kessel, home of the spice mines and Kessel glitterstim (the potent mind-enhancing drug. He was shot down by the current owner of the mines. After realizing he shot down Han Solo, the owner, Moruth Droole, acted on his long-standing hatred of Solo and threw him in the mines. 
There the Captain met energy-sucking spiders, absolute darkness, and Kyp Durron. Han found that Kyp has some Force aptitude and they escaped to the Maw, a cluster of Black Holes nearby. Kyp used his innate Force talent to guide their stolen ship through the Maw where they found an Imperial top secret weapons lab with a prototype for the Death Star. Meeting a brainwashed scientist, Dr. Qwi Xux, on the way through their capture at Maw, they eventually escaped the installation and the Four star destroyers hiding there. 
The ship they fled in was the Sun Crusher, a creation of Dr. Xux's while she was brainwashed. This small ship with impenetrable quantum armor and resonance torpedoes that destroy stars is the most horrific weapon the galaxy has seen. Numerous visits are made back and forth to the weapons lab and eventually the Sun Crusher ended up in the Dark Side influenced hands of Durron. Kyp went on a New Republic killing spree, taking out many centers of Imperial domination before putting Luke Skywalker into a coma. While Luke was disabled, the Imperials attacked the secret planet where Leia's third baby is being raised and Admiral Ackbar and Leia rushed to save her child. 
Luke was finally allowed out of his coma after his students obliterated the shadow of the Dark Lord of the Sith's spirit that held Luke in stasis. Luke then found Durron and converted him back to the light.
During Luke Skywalker's search for Jedi School candidates, Admiral Ackbar embarrassed the New Republic by crashing his B-wing into the Cathedral of the Winds, the impressive monument belong the race known as the Vors. 
The glass structure shattered into billions of sharp fragments, shredding all those inside and creating a galactic catastrophe for the New Republic. Later Ackbar found that the accident was not his fault as his B-wing was tampered with and the tamperer was brainwashed by the Empire. 
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Timeframe: approximately 12-13 years after the Battle of Yavin
Eight years after the battle of Endor, a vacation-ambassadorial trip to Ithor led Han, Leia, Chewbacca, Luke, and two of Luke's new Jedi students to the Outer Rim to investigate a gear in Palpatine's Jedi-extermination plan that went haywire. 
The Eye of Palpatine was designed in complete secrecy to follow its artificial intelligence's timetable and collect stormtroopers from many different systems, and then transport them to the world of Belsavis to wipe out a Jedi stronghold there. The ship was a hive of weapons encased in a large asteroid. However, fifteen years ago, during Palpatine's rampant bid for power, two Jedi discovered the ship and decided they must stop it while they could. The ship was left floating inactive in an asteroid field for thirty long years.
The Time of Meeting on the planet Ithor was, and is today, the most fantastic homecoming in the universe. The nomadic herd ships of the Ithorians would return home to their peacefully untouched jungle home and link in orbit to create a grand spectacle. At the center of it was Han, Leia, Luke, and his students. As usual they were accompanied by Chewbacca, and two familiar droids. After a frightening and unusual disturbance of a drugged, insane, unkempt man rushing towards Han mumbling threats. They set off in search of knowledge of a place known as Plett's Well, or pletwell, to find the mumbling man's (Solo's ex-smuggling buddy Drub McKumb) object of delusion.
They investigated Belsavis while Luke and his students decided on searching Pzob, a rugged planet inhabited by warring Gammorrean tribes, the Klaggs and Gakfedds. 
En route to Pzob, Luke's ship passed through an asteroid field, and unexpectedly woke an unseen enemy in the field. Something blasted at his ship and nearly killed the entire group, when they landed on Pzob. 
They became stuck in the middle of tribal wars when all the life forms in the area were abducted by an awoken ship. Something had disturbed the Eye of Palpatine, and it's intelligence, known as the Will, sent it to pick up troopers at the first stop, Pzob. It abducted Luke and students Cray Mingla, the latter being a brilliant AI engineer, and Nichos her fiancee, a man's spirit encased in a droid. The ship continued to pick up other species from many different planets, including races of jawas, sandpeople, Kitonaks, Affytechans, Talz, and other unknown creatures.
Meanwhile, Han and Leia had their hands full deciphering lore of Plett's well on Belsavis. Their adventures led them trough crypts filled with crazed trapped smugglers and to a new threat, Irek Ismaren, a young egotistical Jedi definitely tinkering with the Dark Side, and son to one of the Emperor's concubines. Leia later discovered Irek stretched out with his mind to summon the Eye of Palpatine to Belsavis, thinking it was a ship able to be programmed instead of one with a set agenda. Captured by the young Dark Jedi and his Imperial family and friends to be held hostage Organa had little hope. 
Luke, onboard Eye of Palpatine had set his plans into motion to find where the opposing faction of Gamorreans were holding his student Cray.She was to be executed, but was saved by Luke with the help of Callista, the spirit of the Jedi woman who died to stop the Eye of Palpatine 30 years ago. Luke and Callista began to communicate through computer terminals and quickly became friends and later became more. Luke knew the ship must be destroyed, but wrestled with his love for Callista, offering her a droid made with her memories. She refused his offer, knowing she could not regain the life she once had through mechanical eyes.
Eventually, all the creatures onboard were rounded up safely, stacked aboard transport craft and left, with Luke among them. Cray and Nichos stunned Luke and placed him aboard the transports in order to prevent him from killing himself while they attempted to destroy Eye of Palpatine. The Eye of Palpatine dissipated in a blaze of glory with Luke screaming for his lost students and lost love. 
Han rescued Leia from the Jedi adolescent, Irek, and met Luke in Belsavis' medical center. A lifepod ejected from Eye of Palpatine was rescued and opened to reveal a very different looking Cray. In fact, it was not Cray at all, but Callista. She explained how Cray willed her body to Callista so she could be with Nichos in the afterlife. She lost her ability to touch the Force, but she still had Luke, and they left for Yavin IV together.
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Timeframe: approximately 14 years after the Battle of Yavin
Luke, Han, and Leia's more recent adventures were in the diplomatic nature. Solo, wanting a vacation joined Luke in chasing after a rumored being that sounded strong in the Force. The being was called Waru and lived on a space station near a black hole. Also in orbit was a crystal star which was spiraling towards the pinpoint of the hole. This star created interference in the Force and seriously affected Luke's abilities. Meanwhile, Leia searched for her three children, who were kidnapped while she was on a diplomatic mission. The kidnappers wanted the children to sacrifice to Waru. It turned out that Waru was a creature from another dimension on the other side of the black hole that wished merely to return to his own side. 
To do this he needed force energy and sucked it from force adepts especially. The three children were meant to be sacrificed before the almighty Waru but were saved first. Instead Luke was drawn into the creature, which had no dimensions on its inside and was saved only through Han, Leia, and the children. Waru instead depleted the evil Force adept, Lord Hethrir who kidnapped Leia's children: Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin, in the first place. Both Hethrir and Waru disappeared, one dead, the other home.
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Timeframe: approximately 18 years after the Battle of Yavin
While life slowly calmed down for the Galactic heroes, a shadow approached Han one day while he performed maintenance on the Falcon. This shadow was New Republic Intelligence agent Belindi Kalenda. She pleaded with Han to set a front for the many NRI agents on Han's homeworld of Corellia who had not reported after going into the Corellian system. She explained that he could use his upcoming part-vacation, part escort for his Chief of State wife as a time to act suspicious and draw some heat away from the agents on Corellia, if they were alive.
The New Republic Intelligence however were not the only snoopers on Coruscant. The Human League spies watched the meeting.
The trip to Corellia was mostly uneventful and depressing, especially for Han, who remembered the lights and excitement of his childhood on Corellia. They were gone now and isolation and racism swept Corellia like a repulsor. The normally diverse planet was subject to both archaeological digs to discover the first of the Corellian system's three prominent races to achieve certain goals, and groups such as the Human League who catalyzed the xenophobia. Apparently, as Han and Leia's children found out, they most likely weren't looking for bones, when they discover a huge chamber intended for some unknown use.
The trip to Corellia was unfortunately quite eventful for Belindi Kalenda as she attempted to enter the Corellian system, only to be shot down. After a horribly dangerous blind hyperspace leap and a harrowing night water landing, Kalenda dropped into the populace to try to follow the tension building and the pivotal point of Han, Leia, their children, and the vacation and trade meetings they were there for. 
Luke, having left with Lando Calrissian to a spot very near the Corellian system, was unable to accept the message for Han and Leia sent through him. It was instead directed by unnamed hands to Mara Jade, who presented it to Han and Leia. Inside was a threat requiring they followed successive directions forthcoming or stars would be destroyed, much as three small life-free solar systems already found. 
At this, riots began, planted by the Human League, all throughout the Corellian system, and a huge interdiction field sprang up to consume the whole system, trapping everyone to the will of the Human League and its Secret Leader, Han's cousin, Thrackan Sal-Solo.
Later, in jail, Solo was aided by a Selonian in escaping the Human League compound. Meanwhile, large repulsors were discovered across the system the scale of planets instead of Corellian archaeological landmarks. 
The Human League enlisted these to crush incoming ships, but a New Republic task force, led by the escaped Skywalker, and equipped with interdiction field breakers, discovered this first. Leia escaped her prison as well to meet her friends and Han above the world of Selonia, where the group was poised to face the group responsible for new star explosions, and other impossible technological phenomena, possibly the race that assembled an entire solar system.
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