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Page updated: 23rd October 2014  
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[Everyone Has A Story...]
 My Story...Legends of Star Wars.

Star Wars is more than just the story of Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke, Leia, Han or Chewbacca. Everyone has a story to tell, whether they be rebel, imperial, hero or villain, and their story has to be told. But sometimes it can be hard to know which story (or stories) are theirs.
This is Star Wars Books & Comics' guide to some of the individuals of Star Wars and the books and short stories that feature their story...

Most recent entry:

[Admiral Natasi Daala]

Admiral Natasi Daala
Natasi Daala was the first female in the Imperial Navy to obtain the rank of Admiral. She was a protégé of Grand Moff Tarkin and was placed in command of his top-secret weapons research facility known as the Maw Installation. Tarkin entrusted Daala with his most important secret projects and given additional command of four Star Destroyers to protect the Maw Installation. She proved to be a thorn in the New Republic's side for several years before disappearing for more than two decades. When she did reappear it was to save the galaxy from a new Sith Lord. Grateful of her support she would eventually become the Chief of State of a Republic she had originally sworn to destroy...more

Previous entries:

[Kir Kanos]

Kir Kanos
Kir Kanos was the final loyal member of the Emperor's Royal Guard after their betrayal by fellow guardsman Carnor Jax. Kanos swore an oath to hunt down the traitor and bring him to justice. However, Kanos became the most wanted man in the galaxy, after a massive bounty was put on his head by the Imperial Remnant. But Kanos remained free thanks to his skills and training as a Royal Guardsman. He eventually caught up with Jax and slew the would-be Emperor, avenging his brothers. However, Kanos then set out to eliminate everyone that had helped accelerate Palpatine's ultimate death, specifically targeting the Imperial Ruling Council...more

[Biggs Darklighter]

Biggs Darklighter
Biggs Darklighter was a close friend of Luke Skywalker.
The two of them spent most of their youth together, racing through Beggar's Canyon in T-16 Skyhoppers and socializing with the other local teenagers at Tosche Station. The two friends planned to attend the Imperial Academy together, and go into business together by buying their own ship after their service in the Imperial Starfleet ended...more

[Grand Admiral Thrawn]

Grand Admiral Thrawn
Not since the time of the Emperor or Darth Vader could the mention of one man's name induce the fear in the hearts of the New Republic leaders and military. But, then Grand Admiral Thrawn was no normal man - an outstanding military tactician (said to rival Admiral Ackbar!); leader and art lover.
Grand Admiral Thrawn's military genius is derived from his belief that the knowledge and understanding of your enemies art is fundamental to understanding your enemy. And thus the ability to defeat him...more





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