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Page updated: 9th March 2021    
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[This story occurs during the Legacy of the Force era]
Events that occur between 43 and 50 years after the Battle of Yavin.

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Short Story
First published in
Star Wars Insider #125(US) / #101(UK):

[Star Wars Insider - issue 125]

This story is included in:

[Star Wars Insider: The Fiction Collection - Volume 1]

The Fiction Collection - Volume 1

First Blood
Christie Golden
Titan Magazines
Story published as:
Short Story (2011)

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On the planet Kesh Sith apprentice Vestara Khai awaits next to her master, Lady Olaris Rhea, and a group of leading Sith Lords and Sabers for Ship to announce those who would be following him to find a space vessel which will allow the Lost Tribe to leave Kesh. Those selected are: High Lord Sarasu Taalon, Lord Ivaar Workan, Lady Olaris Rhea, Saber Ruku Myal and, to her surprise, Vestara.
On board and in space Ship informs them that a Damorian S18 light freighter is en-route from Eriadu and that its cargo can aid the Sith. Ship orders Taalon and the Sith to control him and so Ship forces the freighter to crash land. When Ship touches down next to the crippled freighter, the Sith discover that the crew have already fled. Deciding to hunt down the crew, for there can be no witnesses, the Sith party are forced to divide their forces into two groups when they discover that the crew have divided in two directions.
Vestara joins Lord Workan and Ruku Myal and when they stumble upon the pilot and a crewman, Workan and Ruku quickly slay them. Disappointed by not being involved in the kill, Vestara is even more disappointed when High Lord Taalon contacts her and instructs her to return to the freighter and catalog its contents. However, upon arriving back at the crashed freighter she discovers a stowaway: a human slave girl trying to escape from the planet B'nish. Thinking that the freighter has been attacked by pirates the stowaway pleads for her life not realising who or Vestara Khai actually is. For a short time Vestara is intrigued by the strange girl believing she may learn something of the galaxy that the Sith plan to conquer, but when she senses that
Ship is observing her, Vestara knows that the girl cannot live - for she is not Sith.
Vestara commands the girl to kneel down but the stowaway realises what will happen and refuses. Exclaiming her desire to die as a free person the girl makes a dash for the cover of some trees but, guided by the Dark Side of the Force, Vestara's parang strikes the stowaway down. Vestara is surprised to have sensed the girl's death in the Force: her strong will and desire to embrace life reverberates strongly in the Force,; but Vestara is also somewhat horrified by the amount of blood her weapon has extracted from the girl. Vestara realises that she didn't even know the girl's name and so
Ship, intrigued by the young apprentice's apprehension, instructs Vestara to name her.
Recovering quickly from her doubt Vestara reaches out into the Force and names the girl: First.

This story occurs approximately 43 years after the Battle of Yavin - concurrent with events in Omen.

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