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Page updated: 13th August 2008
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[The Dark Times]
Events that occur between 19 and 2 years before the Battle of Yavin.

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Paperback Novel
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Street of Shadows
Michael Reaves
Del Rey [US]
Arrow Books
Story published as:
Paperback Novel (2008)
e-Book (2011)

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1 review [Average review score: 1.5 / 5]

With the Jedi all but wiped out in the grim aftermath of Order 66, the Empire's power seems unchecked. But one lone Knight continues to fight the good fight, against all odds and when all else fails.
Deep in the bowels of Coruscant, Jedi Jax Pavan ekes out a living as a private investigator; a go-to, can-do guy for the downtrodden. Now a mysterious Zeltron knockout named Deejah approaches Jax with a case that needs to be cracked: to find out who killed her artist lover Volette, brutally murdered hours after his triumphant unveiling of a dazzling new light sculpture with obvious links to lightsaber pyrotechnics.
Finding Volette's killer won't be easy, too many secrets, too many suspects, and all kinds of motives. But with the droid I-5YQ's help, and ex-reporter Den Dhur's excellent snooping skills, the investigation is soon operating like a well-oiled machine.
Unfortunately, there's a far more efficient machine hunting Jax. It's a deadly game of cat-and-mouse as the clock starts ticking toward the final explosive showdown, to see who strikes first and who will die first.

This story occurs approximately 6 months after Revenge of the Sith (18 and a half years before the Battle of Yavin).

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Review by Bones, UK, 2010:

"The Coruscant Nights saga continues with this noir-esque romp in the seedy underground of Imperial Centre.
"Street of Shadows starts promisingly, with combat right from the off that draws the reader in immediately. Sadly the impetus doesn't last long and the novel slips into ennui. There are too many things in this book that lack originality and this all adds up to a tired and, quite frankly, redundant story. The Zeltron is clearly a Falleen that isn't a Falleen, the Cephalon is clearly one of Frank Herbert's Guild Navigators, the taozin is clearly an ysalimiri: these are a few of the examples of the recycled nature of the prose. That, coupled with the same setting as the previous book (which I am aware is meant to be the point of the books), just causes the whole thing to lack spark. Also, there are too many elements in the story that seem to be put there for the sake of it, such as the shaky triangle between Jax, Laranth and Dejah, the last of these appears to have been included to provide some sort of dodgy Star Wars fan-service, with constant references to how devastatingly alluring she is (something I found quite annoying). By the time the revelations come at the end (incidentally, I found the explanation of the murder quite unsatisfying) you come to realise that many of the preceding events of the book are rendered utterly superfluous. I found Typho's character quite irritating, since he seemed to know just about everything: how to interact with atypical aliens, the ins and outs of various archaic weapons (including lightsabres) and the existence of the Sith, which I thought was not widely known since the time of Darth Bane. His logic also seemed skewed: Darth Sidious took a journey to Mustafar, which therefore means that Darth Vader was the one who murdered Padmé there...doesn't quite add up, personally.
"I thought that it opened well, but sadly the book lost any momentum from the opening and dwindled into tedious mediocrity rather quickly."

Rating: 1.5 / 5

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