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Page updated: 21st December 2015
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[The Dark Times]
Events that occur between 19 and 2 years before the Battle of Yavin.

[Vector - Chapter Two]

Comic Book series
Published May & June 2008
as Dark Times #11 & 12
by Dark Horse Comics:

[Dark Times - issue 11][Dark Times - issue 12]

Issue #11Issue #12

Graphic Novel
This story is collected in:

[Vector - Volume 1]

Vector - Volume 1


[Dark Times - Omnibus: Volume 1]

Dark Times: Volume 1


[Epic Collection: The Empire: Volume 2]

The Empire: Volume 2

e-Comic Book Series
Published 2011 by Dark Horse Digital.

Vector - Chapter Two
Mick Harrison, Douglas Wheatley, Dave McCaig et al.
Dark Horse Comics
Story published as:
Comic Book series (2008)
Graphic Novel (2009)
e-Comic Book Series (2011)
Omnibus Graphic Novel (2014)
Epic Collection Graphic Novel (2015)

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Approximately three months after Order 66, captured Uhumele crewman Janks, who has already been heavily interrogated, faces an unimaginable torture by Darth Vader - for reasons Janks cannot understand.
A short time later, the Uhumele is travelling en-route for a rendezvous with a potential buyer for the mysterious crate in their cargo hold. Captain Heren's explains to his ragbag crew the known history of the crate: around 1,400 years ago it was discovered buried under a kilometre of ice on Jebble, but it could not be opened nor scanned to ascertain its contents. Since then, the "Jebble Box", as it began to be known, grew in stature and value amongst antiquity collectors. It was rumoured that the box contained an ancient Jedi treasure and could only be opened by a Jedi.
For Heren and his crew, the temptation of the Jebble Box had cost them too much and now they only wanted rid of it, so they have arranged for Fane Peturri, an historian, to purchase it. However, upon their rendezvous with Fane, the Uhumele's crew are captured by Darth Vader, who has taken a keen interest in the Jebble Box. Working for Vader, Fane takes the crate and unlocks a holo-message recorded four thousand years ago warning of the dangers that are contained within Lord Dreypa's Oubliette. Ignoring Fane's pleas not to open it, Vader slices the lid off the box and reveals a hibernation chamber containing Celeste Morne!
Celeste is perturbed to be awakened after four thousand years still with the Muur Talisman around her neck, but is even more alarmed to discover that the Republic was overthrown by the Sith and that Vader is a Sith Lord. Recognising that her masters and the Covenant have failed to prevent the return of the Sith, Celeste immediately attacks Vader, but Vader senses Celeste's anger and hatred and attempts to turn Celeste to the Dark Side. During this lightsaber melee, the Uhumele's crew realise that whoever wins the battle does not bode well for them and they must escape their bonds soon.
Captain Heren and the crew of the Uhumele find themselves unwilling witnesses to the conflict between Celeste Morne and Darth Vader over the Muur Talisman. Although Celeste now knows that the Covenant have failed in preventing the return of the Sith, she realises that she alone has the power to destroy this Dark Lord of the Sith. However, the spirit of the Talisman's creator, Lord Karness Muur, senses that Vader should be the rightful owner of the Talisman and goads both Celeste, to give Vader the Talisman, and Vader with images of the power he could have with it. But Vader realises that Karness Muur is only offering him the change of one master for another and after cornering Celeste orders his troopers to guard her.
Turning his attentions to Fane Peturri, who was trying to escape the battlefield, Vader accuses Fane of spying for the Emperor - spying on Vader's attempts to find himself an apprentice. Fane's protestations of innocence are quickly subdued by a Force choke, and Fane admits his complicity as a spy for the Emperor. But before Fane dies, he transforms into a Rakghoul and begins attacking Vader.
During this respite in the fighting, the Uhumele's begin their bid for freedom when Heren successfully breaks his bonds and takes a blaster from their unconscious guard. Freeing the rest of his crewmates, they silently make their way to the Uhumele.
Vader quickly dispatches the Rakghoul that was Fane, but Celeste uses the distraction to free herself from her guards and, with Karness still taunting her weaknesses, realises that victory over Vader will only be accomplished if she uses the power of the Talisman. Before Vader's eyes, his own stormtroopers begin the change into Rakghouls, and he knows that the battle is lost and beats a hasty retreat to his ship. Karness also understands he has, for the moment, been beaten by Celeste.
However, the Uhumele's crew have not survived unscathed for during their escape Crys Taanzer became infected with the Rakghoul plague and was reluctantly killed by Heren.
Back on the planet, Celeste contemplates her future: stranded on a desolate world with only the spirit of an ancient Sith Lord and Rakghouls for company. But, she can console herself that the spirit of Karness Muur and his Talisman are as much a prisoner as she is.

This story occurs approximately 3 months after Revenge of the Sith (19 years before the Battle of Yavin).

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