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Page updated: 4th April 2012
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[Clone Wars]
Events that occur between 22 years and 19 years before the Battle of Yavin.

[Clone Wars - Volume 2 - Victories and Sacrifices]

Graphic Novel
Published as Clone Wars Volume 2:
Victories and Sacrifices

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[things from another world]


Omnibus Graphic Novel
These stories are collected in:

[ cover image ]

The Clone Wars: Volume 1


[ cover image ]

Clone Wars: Volume 1

Comic Book series
Published March thru May 2003 as Republic #51, 52 & 53
and Jedi: Shaak Ti
by Dark Horse Comics:

[Republic - issue 51][Republic - issue 52]

Issue #51Issue #52

[Republic - issue 53][Jedi - Shaak Ti]

Issue #53Jedi: Shaak Ti

e-Comic Book
Published 2012 by Dark Horse Digital.

Victories and Sacrifices
John Ostrander et al.
Dark Horse Comics
Stories published as:
Comic Book series (2003)
Graphic Novel (2003)
e-Comic Book (2012)
Omnibus Graphic Novel (2012, 2016)
Alternative language(s):[Also published in French language][Also published in German language][Also published in Spanish language]

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This book collects together the following comic stories:
  • The New Face of War
    Two Jedi, one hundred clone troopers, and thousands of dead Gungans!
    On one of the moons of Naboo, General Obi-Wan Kenobi and his troops make a horrifying discovery: the entire population of Gungan settlers has been wiped out in a genocidal chemical attack by a power-mad Separatist commander. Worse, Anakin discovers that the commander's next target is Naboo itself, the home of his beloved Padmé! Hopelessly out-numbered by Separatist forces, the soldiers of the Republic have but one hope for success...
    Occurs approximately 10 weeks after the Battle of Geonosis.

  • Blast Radius
    An all-Jedi taskforce including Obi-Wan Kenobi is on a secret mission to infiltrate a Skakoan Techno Union base supporting the Separatists. Kenobi finds himself overshadowed by legendary Jedi Masters, but a surprise turnaround puts him in command. Surrounded by so many powerful individuals, Obi-Wan feels there is little he can bring to the mission. Now he leads the fight for survival against deadly traps and a shocking confrontation.
    Occurs during the fourth month after the Battle of Geonosis.

  • Catspaw
    The Clone Wars have transformed Brentaal IV into a chaotic battlezone, and the Republic is overwhelmed by Separatist firepower. An immense Magna-gun emplacement cuts down the clone infantry and swats the Republic attack gunships out of the smoke-filled skies.
    Jedi Generals plan a counter-assault, and it falls to Shaak Ti to lead a dangerous insertion mission that will silence the Separatist cannons. Usually known as a serene peacemaker and calm voice of reason, Shaak Ti is prepared for the worst the Confederacy throws at her. But a surprise lurks within the Separatist compound: escaped prisoners who may prove to be useful allies, including a dangerous young killer convicted of murdering Ti's Padawan.
    Occurs during the fifth month after the Battle of Geonosis.

These stories occur  between 3 and 5 months after the Battle of Geonosis, nearly 21 and a half years before the Battle of Yavin.

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