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Page updated: 1st August 2007  
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[Clone Wars]
Events that occur between 22 years and 19 years before the Battle of Yavin.

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The New Droid Army
Published as:
Videogame (2002)

Recovering from recent injuries, Anakin Skywalker returns to the Jedi Temple and presents himself before Mace Windu and Yoda. He finds the two even more dispirited than before; thousands more star systems have defected to the Confederacy, and despair is beginning to grip the Senate and populace. He assures them (despite Yoda's concerns) that he is fit and ready to return to duty, and so he is given a new mission; a message has come to the Council from Tatooine. Specifically from a woman informer named Raala Ponchar, who has spotted a new type of battle droid on the desert planet. And since sending that message, Raala has vanished. Anakin accepts the mission and flies to Tatooine in a Delta-7.
Anakin lands near Mos Espa, and walks the rest of the way. He tries out his lightsaber and newly repaired arm along the way on scavenging womp rats as well as (to his delight) some Tusken Raiders. Near the outskirts, he finds a pair of battle droids searching a wrecked landspeeder for a "farm girl." He cuts them down and continues into town. He comes upon a hooded albino woman who promises information on Raala - if Anakin in turn deals with a womp rat infestation coming from the Xelric Draw. Several womp rat and Tusken beheadings later, Anakin enters a set of caves in the Draw and faces off against several ravenous anoobas! He defeats them, but finds it odd that they would be in a womp rat nest in the first place. He heads out of the cave and finds the albino woman waiting for him, sans hood…..Aurra Sing!! She flings a thermal detonator and sics several Nikto and battle droids on him, then runs off. Anakin fights his way back into town, where he finds the Nikto and droids tearing the town apart looking for something…or someone. Anakin defeats them, then consults Watto at his shop. Watto, smarting at Anakin's no-nonsense, all-business attitude towards him, sends him toward the moisture farms north of town. Anakin comes upon a moisture farmer along the way begging for help; The Tuskens have attacked several homesteads and taken several farmers captive. The young Jedi doesn't have to be asked twice, and he wades into the Sandpeople with no mercy.
One of the farmers remembers who Raala was working for, and he takes Anakin to the homestead of Bellek. They find the homestead and the farms nearby in flaming ruins, with the survivors babbling about droids led by a "witch." Bellek himself reveals the battle droids (along with super battle droids) took Raala to Jabba the Hutt's palace before systematically destroying everything. Bellek clams up when the witch is brought up, though. Anakin hikes then through the Jundland Wastes, killing every Tusken and smashing every droid in his path. Surprise, surprise, Aurra is waiting for him at Jabba's front door. And with her is a raven-haired woman with a white-and-black tattooed face, a red bodysuit and a lightsaber in each hand. She effortlessly Force-chokes Anakin into unconsciousness and has him thrown in Jabba's dungeons, while informing her Master that the Jedi are no longer a threat to their operation…
Anakin awakens in the dungeons, with Raala Ponchar standing beside him. After Force-nudging the cell door open, Anakin is brought up to speed by his new friend. Jabba the Hutt has been hired by Wat Tambor to set up smuggling operations for construction material….most notably, cortosis. All that material was sent to the planet Metalorn. After saying his farewells to her, Anakin frees every farmer in the dungeons and escapes in a skiff. But he doesn't get far, as the witch appears in a skiff alongside him and shoots the skiff down near the Sarlacc. Anakin and the witch, Saato, engages in a fierce lightsaber duel that finally ends with Anakin cutting the witch down. Anakin contacts Obi-Wan and tells him what happened. Obi-Wan urges him to hurry to Coruscant - the Separatists' battle droids (now cortosis armored) are attacking the undercity! Anakin races there in the Delta-7 immediately and is ordered by Obi-Wan into the fray. The young man faces battle droids and floating ASN droids, as well as a growing disturbance in the Force…which manifests itself in a lightsaber-wielding bald man named Trenox, who Force-shoves him to the ground and assures him "the age of the Jedi is at an end." Anakin chases Trenox all through the streets of the city, facing an entire legion of battle droids along the way to the underground levels. He briefly meets Barris Offee and Dexter Jettster along the way before cornering Trenox at Bentho's nightclub. The guy slips away again, heading toward…the Jedi Temple!
Anakin races there at once, and finds - Count Dooku!! He's there to completely destroy the Jedi Archives!! With all the other Jedi occupied in the city battle, only an exhausted and wounded Anakin has a chance of stopping him. Another gauntlet, this time through the Temple corridors and droidekas added to the mix. Trenox is in the library when Anakin gets there, but not Dooku. The acolyte's taunting gets to Anakin, and he brutally attacks and kills Trenox. When the Jedi finally return to the Temple, Anakin is again summoned before Mace and Yoda. They inform him that Obi-Wan was badly wounded in the city battle, and admit that Dooku hoodwinked them. They then send him to Metalorn to stop Wat Tambor at all costs. Anakin quickly infiltrates the Techno Union facility there, and discovers that Dooku and the Confederacy are well on their way to creating an entirely new army of cortosis-armored droids - droids the Jedi have zero chance against. He also encounters two more of Dooku's Dark Side Acolytes, Vinoc and Karoc. It takes all of his skill and energy to defeat them.
Anakin plants four thermal detonators at each of the factory's reactors, and is in the process of heading toward the fifth when Wat Tambor finally faces him. He introduces Vandalor, the Chiss bounty hunter from earlier, now decked out in cortosis armor. Anakin defeats him and captures Tambor, then plants the last detonator. The factory explodes, and all seems to be won…until an angry Dooku again confronts Anakin. This time the Jedi apprentice is able to hold his own, and Dooku resorts to taunts and mind games. He senses confusion in the lad…sorrow…pain over his…mother!! "If only you had released your anger then…you might have been able to save her." Screaming, Anakin charges at Dooku and is able to knock the old man down. "Now you have tasted the power of the Dark Side." A shaken Anakin denies it. "My Master foresaw my defeat. You do not realize your importance, young Skywalker. Today you have ensured the fall of the Republic." Dooku slips away painfully, as Anakin and Tambor take off. Back on Coruscant, Mace and Yoda praise Anakin's efforts. The Separtists have been struck a critical blow, and Tambor is now in the hands of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's personal guards at his request. "An interesting request," Mace notes. "The Council will speak with him about this matter later." Yoda remarks that the Jedi must be more vigilant now than ever. "I will always be here to serve the Jedi," Anakin replies. "You have my word."

This story occurs 10 months after the Battle of Geonosis, approximately 21 years before the Battle of Yavin.

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