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Page updated: 9th June 2008  
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[Clone Wars]
Events that occur between 22 years and 19 years before the Battle of Yavin.

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Currently unavailable

The Clone Wars
Pandemic Studios
Published as:
Videogame (2002)

After the successful defeat of the Separatists at the Battle of Geonosis, Anakin Skywalker is dismayed to learn that his first posting in the Clone Wars is to patrol the desolate Rhen Var system. But, Rhen Var is home to a Jedi Temple and when the Separatist's launch a full-scale assault against the ice-planet, Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi must help to evacuate the Temple before it is over-run by the invading droid army. For Obi-Wan, it is an act of sacrilege that a Jedi Temple was chosen as a target and he is certain that the Jedi Council will know how to respond to this despicable show of aggression.
The evacuation of Rhen Var is a success, but the Temple and the planet are lost to the Separatists. Returning to the Jedi Council's space fortress, Anakin and Obi-Wan are sent to investigate Separatist activity on the strategically unimportant planet of Raxus Prime. After infiltrating the droid defences, Anakin and Obi-Wan are puzzled to discover the Separatist are digging for artefacts. Obi-Wan calls for Republic reinforcements but looses contact with Anakin during the ensuing battle. He is alarmed to learn that Count Dooku was leading the Separatists and they found whatever they were looking for; and that Anakin has decided to follow Dooku alone.
Anakin arrives just in time to catch Dooku and learns what they were looking for on Raxus Prime, a Force harvester, an ancient Sith artefact that sucks the Force via an unstoppable wave. But Dooku has planned for Anakin's arrival and traps him with the help of a bounty hunter called Cydon Prax. Dooku is going to test the device as a power source on a small forested moon in the Kashyyyk system, home to a small Wookie colony, and on Anakin! With the help of anther inmate, Brea Kazan, Anakin escapes the confines of Dooku's prison and devastating wavefront of the Force harvester. Bera meets a local inhabitant, and is horrified to learn that the Separatists have invaded the entire moon and enslaved most of the Wookie population. Anakin convinces the Wookie rebels to make a stand against the invaders as he calls for back-up from the Republic. Obi-Wan arrives with a force big enough to liberate the moon and set up a permanent base to protect both the moon, Kashyyyk and the local star system.
Anakin explains to Yoda, Obi-Wan and Mace Windu about the Force harvester and its devastating power. Mace recalls the legend of the Dark Reaper, a weapon created by the Sith long ago that was so powerful, none could stand against it. But, the Dark reaper required enormous amounts of energy, hence the use of the Force harvester to gather this energy. Mace explained that the Dark Reaper was eventually defeated when a fallen Jedi named Ulic Qel-Droma taught the Jedi how to withstand the device's power. After the Great Sith War was over, the secrets and the remnants of the Reaper were hidden in the four corners of the galaxy. Could Dooku be trying to recreate the Dark Reaper? And how can he be stopped? Master Yoda states that the answer lies on Rhen Var, that is were Ulic went after defeating the first Dark Reaper, and he may have left information there. But the Separatists now control Rhen Var and it's Jedi Temple. The Jedi must retake Rhen Var!
Anakin leads the charge to liberate the Temple and is quickly separated from the rest of the Jedi. He arrives first at the Temple and finds the tomb of Ulic Qel-Droma. The spirit of the long-dead Jedi appears in a shroud and says that he can help Anakin harness the Force and make himself immune to the Dark Reaper's effects. This knowledge comes at great risk, however, and could lead Anakin to the dark side. Anakin shrugs off the warning, but is startled when Ulic reveals that he himself wasn't impervious to the dark side's lure. Ulic warns Anakin not to take the path he did, but Anakin requests that the teaching begin.
Back on the Jedi Council's space fortress, Anakin informs a stunned council that the Dark Reaper is located on the ancient Sith stronghold of Thule. Yoda orders all fleets to converge on Thule, a planet now heavily defended and protected by a planetary shield generator located on a nearby moon. Anakin leads the assault team against the shield generator and successfully destroys it. Now the invasion of Thule can begin.
Obi-Wan leads the attack against the capital city of Kesiak and its communications centre whilst Mace's force can attack the military bases of the Separatists. With both Obi-Wan and Mace preoccupied, it is up to Anakin to locate the old Sith Temple and destroy the Dark Reaper. As he arrives at the Temple, Anakin spots Count Dooku and Cydon Prax talking. Dooku is impressed by Anakin's persistence, but more pressing matters require his attention. Dooku excuses himself, leaving Cydon Prax in charge of Jedi annihilation. It doesn't take Anakin long to defeat the bounty hunter and he is urged by Obi-Wan to wait for reinforcements to arrive before tackling the Dark Reaper. But Anakin only hears Ulic Qel-Droma's voice echoing in his mind.
Following Ulic's advice, Anakin Skywalker destroys the Dark Reaper after a hard battle. Obi-Wan is concerned to discover the growth in Anakin's power and stature - and is disturbed by his lack of emotion regarding to destruction around him. Anakin curtly puts down Obi-Wan's concerns asserting that he knows what he is doing.

This story occurs 1 month after the Battle of Geonosis, approximately 22 years before the Battle of Yavin.

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