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Star Wars comic titles for May 2015

[ Marvel ]

18th February 2015 |

In their latest comic solicitations, Marvel have announced the following Star Wars comic titles due for release in May 2015.
Comic Book
Greg Weisman (W), Pepe Larraz (A)
Cover by Mark Brooks

His master betrayed and killed, young Caleb Dume is alone.
When being a Jedi makes him a target, what can a Padawan do?
Continuing the story of the birth of Star Wars Rebels’ Kanan Jarrus!

Available: 6th May

  DARTH VADER #5 (ongoing)
Comic Book
Kieron Gillen (W), Salvador Larroca (A)
Cover by Adi Granov

Vader continues his investigation into the Emperor’s secrets...
• Not everyone wants him to find out the truth.
• Who are Vader’s mysterious new rivals?

Available: 13th May
  STAR WARS #5 (ongoing)
Comic Book
Jason Aaron (W), John Cassady (A)
Cover by John Cassaday

As Luke goes home in search of the truth about his late mentor...
...Leia takes Han on a secret mission of vital importance to the Rebellion.
Unfortunately, they both run into some unfriendly encounters.

Available: 20th May
  PRINCESS LEIA #4 (of 5)
Comic Book
Mark Waid (W), Terry Dodson (A)
Cover by Terry Dodson

The Empire is rounding up fugitive Alderaanians...
...that doesn’t sit well with their Princess.
But what can one woman do against an Empire?

Available: 27th May

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