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Updated: 30th December 2008


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December 2008

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The following news items were posted on Star Wars Books during December 2008:

Book News: Released today:
Posted: 30th December
Released today in the US: Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor (hardback novel from Del Rey) by Matthew Stover.

Media News: Sam Witwer and Nick Gillard interviewed:
Posted: 30th December
Affiliate EU Cantina have interviewed The Force Unleashed's Secret Apprentice himself, Sam Witwer. WARNING: The interview contains spoilers for The Force Unleashed and can be read here.
Elsewhere, fellow affiliate Lightsabre have published their interview with Nick Gillard, fight and stunt coordinator for the prequel films. Visit Lightsabre to read the interview - click on Interviews at the top of their homepage, then click on Stars.

Comic News: Crash Course available now from TFAW.com:
Posted: 26th December (UPDATED: 30th December)
According to their own website, Dark Horse Comics' second volume in their digest-sized graphic novels The Clone  Wars  Quarterly series, Crash Course, is now available from TFAW.com, one week earlier than its expected release date of 31st December. However, Amazon.com are now advertising a release date of 7th January for this graphic novel. It is expected to be released in the UK on 23rd January.

UPDATE: Comic book supplier Diamond Comic Distributors have announced that Crash Course will be available from 2nd Jan. 2009.
(Source: DiamondComics.com)

Comic News: Last issue of Vector available next week:
Posted: 23rd December (UPDATED: 30th December)
Dark Horse Comics' epic story Vector will not be completed until next week according to comic book supplier Diamond Comic Distributors. The final part, Legacy #31, which was due to ship this week, will now not ship until next week. Although this is a disappointment for those readers following this epic story and who were expecting the final issue this week, but another week is really not that long to wait.
(Source: Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.)

UPDATE: Comic book supplier Diamond Comic Distributors have announced that Legacy #31 will be available from 2nd January 2009.
(Source: DiamondComics.com)

Media News: Drew Karpyshyn and John Jackson Miller interviewed:
Posted: 22nd December
Affiliate Lightsabre have published their interview with Drew Karpyshyn, author of fans' favourites Darth Bane: Path of Destruction and Darth Bane: Rule of Two. Visit Lightsabre to read the interview - click on Interviews at the top of their homepage, then click on Stars.
While IGN.com have interviewed John Jackson Miller, writer of the Knights of the Old Republic comic books. You can read their interview here.

Book News: Released today:
Posted: 19th December
Released today in the UK: Rebellion - Volume 3: Small Victories (graphic novel from Titan Books) by Jeremy Barlow et al.

Media News: SWBooks.co.uk interviews Matthew Stover:
Posted: 20th December
Later this month Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor will be published. Written by Matthew Stover, who has already contributed three novels and one short story to the Star Wars Expanded Universe, it will tell the tale of the Alliance's efforts to stop Lord Shadowspawn and his legions of shadow stormtroopers from resurrecting the Empire only one year after the deaths of the Emperor and Darth Vader. Matthew's last book, the novelisation of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005), was an international best-seller.
SWBooks.co.uk are pleased that Matthew took time to talk to us... read the interview

Comic News: New The Clone Wars comic series from Dark Horse next summer:
Posted: 19th December
According to Henry Gilroy, writer for both The Clone Wars TV series as well as Dark Horse Comics' comic book tie-in series, there will be a new comic book series of The Clone Wars from Dark Horse next summer (2009). Commenting on Dark Horse Message Boards in response to comments regarding a TV episode penned by Randy Stradley, Dark Horse Comics' editor, Henry wrote "I'm putting elements of [Stradley's story] into the next arc of The Clone Wars comic. Be on the lookout for it come summer time".
(Source: Dark Horse Message Boards via StarWarsTimeline.net)

Book News: Blood Oath delayed till December '09:
Posted: 18th December (UPDATED 19th December)
LucasBooks' executive editor Sue Rostoni, writing on the Star Wars Message Boards, stated that Elaine  Cunningham's post-Invincible novel featuring Zekk, Blood Oath, has been pushed back from April to December 2009 because "the manuscript hasn't been delivered yet -- it just got to be too late to make the deadline, so we moved it." She adds "I feel badly because the story, as you know, takes place before Outcast so we wanted it to come out as close to Outcast as possible... but it didn't happen".
(Source: Star Wars Message Boards)

UPDATE: Sue has updated her Release Schedule (US) for 2009-2011 and there are a few notable changes. Karen Traviss' first Imperial Commando, 501st, novel is moved back nearly two months from 4th August to 29th September, but Joe Schreiber's horror story, Deathtroopers, is brought forward by a week to 27th October. However, the fourth Fate of the Jedi book by Aaron Allston slips from 30th December 2009 to 18th January 2010. Finally we can expect Karen Miller's last The Clone Wars tie-in novel to be published in June 2010.
She also intimated at storylines for the second and third books in the Fate of the Jedi series, Omen and Abyss, writing that "the second book in the Fate of the Jedi series [Omen] finds Luke and Ben in serious trouble. Well, pretty much everyone is in serious trouble. And then there's that scene at the zoo..."; while in Abyss "more trouble happens as well as some good times, and Ben Skywalker enjoys a dinner date."
(Source: Sue Rostoni's StarWars.com Blog)

Book News: Released today:
Posted: 18th December
Released today in the UK: The Clone Wars: Wild Space (hardback from Century) by Karen Miller.

Book News: Star Wars horror novel titled:
Posted: 16th December
LucasBooks' executive editor Sue Rostoni has announced via the Star Wars Message Boards that Joe Schrieber's horror novel will be titled Deathtroopers. Previously set between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, Sue now says that this novel will be set prior to A New Hope. Deathtroopers is slated for release in the US on 1st November 2009.
(Source: Star Wars Message Boards)

Comic News: Released today:
Posted: 17th December
Released today in the US : Legacy - Volume 4: Alliance (comic from Dark Horse Comics) by John Ostrander et al.

Book News: Cover's up for No Prisoners:
Posted: 12th December
StarWars.com have posted the cover for The Clone Wars: No Prisoners, the third The Clone Wars tie-in novel. Written by Karen Traviss (Hard Contact, Order 66, Sacrifice), No Prisoners is a tale of the Clone Wars featuring Captain Rex, Ahsoka Tano and a certain Captain Pellaeon!
No Prisoners is due to be released in May 2009 in trade paperback from Del Rey in the US (at the moment, no date for its UK release).

Comic News: Star Wars returns to Free Comic Book Day:
Posted: 10th December
As reported by Rebelscum.com, Dark Horse Comics will be sponsoring a Star Wars: The Clone Wars comic tale for next year's Free Comic Book Day (Saturday 2nd May 2009). This special issue will feature the greatest heroes of The Clone Wars, and judging by the cover, that includes Kit Fisto!
Full details at FreeComicBookDay.com.
(Source: via Rebelscum.com)

Media News: Star Wars authors shortlisted for Aussie awards:
Posted: 10th December
Two Star Wars authors have been shortlisted for the Aurealis Awards 2008, the annual award that recognizes the achievements of Australian science
fiction, fantasy and horror writers, Karen Miller (Wild Space) and Sean Williams (The Force Unleashed).
Previous Aurealis winner and Star Wars newcomer Karen Miller has been shortlisted in the Best Fantasy Novel category for her own novel The River Kingdom, the second book in her Godspeaker saga.
While veteran Star Wars author Sean Williams, also a previous Aurealis Award winner, has received no less than four nominations in four categories, Best Science Fiction Novel for Earth Ascendant, Best Young Adult Novel for The Changeling, Best Children's Novel for The Changeling and The Dust Devils, and Best Collection for Magic Dirt: The Best of Sean Williams.
Winners will be announced at the Aurealis Awards ceremony in Brisbane, Australia on 24th January 2009.

Comic News: Released today:
Posted: 10th December
Released today in the US and UK (import): The Clone Wars #3 (comic from Dark Horse Comics) by Henry Gilroy et al.

Media News: Matthew Stover interviewed at BookSpotCentral:
Posted: 9th December
Matthew Stover, author of Traitor, Shatterpoint, the novelisation of Revenge of the Sith, and the forthcoming Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor, has been interviewed at BookSpotCentral.com. In this interview Matthew discusses his own work as well as his Star Wars novels.
You can read the interview here.
Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor is due for release in hardback on 30th December in the US and in the New Year in the UK.
(Source: via TheForce.net)

Book News: Released today:
Posted: 9th December
Released today in the US: The Clone Wars: Wild Space (trade paperback from Del Rey) by Karen Miller and The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia (hardcover boxset from Del Rey)

Comic News: Preview Rise of the Sith online at DarkHorse.com:
Posted: 8th December
There is a three page preview of the next Omnibus Edition, Rise of the Sith, at DarkHorse.com. It will feature reprints of Jedi Council: Acts of War, Prelude to Rebellion and Darth Maul graphic novels as well as the two Qui-Gonn & Obi-Wan comic stories, The Aurorient Express and Last Stand on Ord Mantell; and Aurra's Song, a comic story, originally published in black and white in Dark Horse Presents Annual 2000, but has been coloured for its Omnibus release.
Rise of the Sith is due for release on 14th January in the US and one week later on the 23rd in the UK.
(Source: via TheForce.net)

Media News: The Clone Wars available on DVD in UK:
Posted: 8th December
The Clone Wars movie is released on single-disc DVD and Blu-Ray high-definition disc today in the UK...more

Book News: Encyclopedia will not arrive in UK until Spring:
Posted: 6th December
The much anticipated The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, released in the US on Tuesday 9th December, will not be released in the UK until 24th April 2009. There's no official reason for the four month gap between US and UK release dates from the Encyclopedia's UK publisher, Titan Books. It means that for UK fans unwilling to wait till April will have to import their copies using various online shopping or auction facilities. If you do decide to import it be wary of the currency differences, savings off the RRP, delivery charges and possible currency conversion charges on credit cards. To aid price comparisons, the UK RRP is GBP75.00 which is equivalent to about USD110 (the US RRP is USD125.00). Amazon.co.uk are offering the UK edition for GBP48.75 on Pre-Order. While across the Pond, Amazon.com are charging USD75.00 which is equivalent to about GBP51.01, but there will be additional delivery charges.

Book & Comic News: Released today:
Posted: 4th December
Released today in the UK: Death Star (paperback re-release from Arrow Books) by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry and Star Wars Comic #2 from Titan Comics.

Gaming News: More downloadable content for The Force Unleashed now available:
Posted: 4th December
Affiliate EUCantina.net are reporting more DLC available for the XBox 360 version of The Force Unleashed via XBox Live Marketplace. Content includes: Jedi Temple Theme Pack, Jedi Temple Mission Pack and Character Pack 2.
Full details at EUCantina.net.

Comic News: Comic stories for March 2009 and beyond:
Posted: 4th December
StarWars.com have posted solicitations from Dark Horse Comics for comics in March 2009 and graphic novels in May 2009. Comic series Knights of the Old Republic and Legacy both begin new story arcs in issues #39: Dueling Amibitions and #34: Storms, available 18th and 25th March respectively. There is also confirmation of the third digest-sized graphic novel of the The Clone Wars Quarterly series, The Wind Raiders of Taloraan, written by Legacy's John Ostrander and available from 27th May (US). Finally, collecting issues #29 thru #35 from Knights of the Old Republic, Volume 6: Vindication graphic novel will be released one week earlier on the 20th (US).
(Source: StarWars.com)

Book News: Jedi Quest as audiobooks next Spring:
Posted: 2nd December
RandomHouse.com have listings for the first four Jedi Quest books, Way of the Apprentice, The Trail of the Jedi, The Dangerous Games and  The Master of Disguise, as Audiobook Downloads. Read by veteran Star Wars audiobook reader Jonathon Davis, these digital downloads are penned for release beginning 24th March 2009 at $9.99 a download.
For those who missed Jude Watson's Jedi Quest book series, the tales of Anakin's early training by Obi-Wan Kenobi, this would be an ideal opportunity to acquaint yourself with these stories.
As yet no details whether the other books in the Jedi Quest series, or other book series such as Jedi Apprentice or Last of the Jedi, will be made available as Audiobook Downloads.

Book News: Rebel Force #3 titled:
Posted: 1st December
No sooner than the first two Rebel Force titles, Target and Hostage are released (one month early), than the third in this new youth series is discovered on Amazon. Titled Renegade, little is known at the moment other than it has a slated release date of 1st May 2009, although based on previous releases from Scholastic, we may see it available in April.
(Source: via StarWarsTimeline.com)

Comic News: Dark Times returns with free web comic next year:
Posted: 1st December
Randy Stradley, editor at Dark Horse Comics, has updated their website with a teaser for a free online Star Wars comic story next year as part of their MySpace Dark Horse Presents (MDHP). On January 7th MDHP will feature part one of a brand new Dark Times story titled Blue Harvest written by Mick Harrison and illustrated by Douglas Wheatley: Ever since the events in Revenge of the Sith, Dass Jennir has been trying to find his place in a galaxy where being a Jedi carries a death sentence. Previously, he has made some questionable choices-which have cost him his friends, and his belief in himself. Now, down to his last Republic credit, Jennir must decide whether to cling to his Jedi ideals and at the very least starve, or to accept an unsavory job from the kind of people who ask no questions and keep no employment records. If being a Jedi makes him an outlaw, can he be an outlaw and still be a Jedi?
After online segments in January and February, the story will jump to Dark Times #13 (April 22, 2009) for the start of a five-issue arc.
(Source: DarkHorse.com)

Comic News: Comic Book Resources interview Vector co-author John Ostrander:
Posted: 1st December
Vector contributing author John Ostrander has been talking to Comic Book Resources (comicbookresources.com) about Vector and the final chapter he is responsible for.
You can read the interview here.
(Source: via EUCantina.net)

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